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    Hi Soloists
    Hoping for some feedback on our site and products. We have been up and running since Sep. last year. I have done some “affordable” marketing e.g. FB page, Google, YouTube, Gumtree, brochure drops and lots of cold calls/emails to potential B2B clients. Have a number of “likes” and positive feedback on our designs and products but NO sales!?!

    1. What needs reviewing? – website, products, etc…)
    2. What does your business do? – We design and manufacture original, colourful and funky bar furniture which is handcrafted and assembled.
    3. Who is your target market? Leisure and lifestyle loving 25 – 45 age group both genders
    4. What specific concerns do you have? How to convert interest/views to sales, why aren’t people buying?

    Many thanks

    Michelle Johnson
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    Hi Debbie,
    Some initial feedback from my visit to the site- I think you need more pictures, the products are great but there is just lots of text on the home page. I almost didn’t notice that there were more menu options because on the mobile version there is only a drop down menu that isn’t very obvious to direct you to the sales point.

    More than happy to discuss strategies with you – private message me if you want to catch up by phone.

    Have fun!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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