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    Hey Friends,
    I am a website designer and a developer in Melbourne. I do blogging as well related to online marketing and its benefits over traditional marketing. I have just finished a project and my company is not satisfied with it. Can you guys suggest me some changes so that I can improve the website. Here is the website:

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    A couple of things;

    First up I got a Cloudflare 404 on the first round trip, not a great start.

    Google “lighthouse” didn’t like it much either…reckons your server is slow, and there’s 2 security vulnerabilities in your code base;

    One medium risk (cross site scripting) in the version of Bootstrap you’re running, and ditto in the version of JQuery one of the plugins must be using.

    If I was your customer I’d want them fixed.

    The “wobbly fade in thingy” on load is a bit ordinary too, imo.

    Some of the copy didn’t read correctly to my eye, perhaps an editor or proof reader may be needed.

    The whole experience felt more like an ad for your web design business than a genuine request for comment….apologies if I’m wrong.

    Peter – FS Administrator
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    At first glance I noticed quite a few typos and odd phrases in the copy, as well as references to English pounds rather than dollars which would be expected for a local .com.au site. I gather it is a localised version of the UK (Essex) business, so I think it needs more personalisation and personality to appeal more strongly.

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    My suggestion would be ignore what [USER=38207]@Greg_M[/USER] and [USER=1]@Peter – FS Administrator[/USER] have suggested. Although excellent advise and I would agree with it all.

    But more importantly if your client is not happy with it, don’t come to a forum for advise on why your client is not happy with it.

    Ask your client what they want, they are paying the dollars, they are the customers.

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    Points above plus:

    Too busy. Visually gave me a headache (sorry)

    Too wordy, I’m making the assumption SME are part of your audience. All this “puffing the chest out” tech talk, big turn off.

    Be simpler. Tell them what YOU can do for them without the tech talk, because that’s a given you know this.

    Get them interested first genuinely, once they see, you’ve got their back, they will ask ALL the tech questions later. May seem counter intuitive, but nope.

    Your copy needs work. Right now it looks and reads like thousands of other web company websites.

    Phrases like: Cutting edge (old overused) Cheap prices, at very low cost, (sounds desperate).

    Too many words saying not too much. I would edit it down dramatically and say more with less.

    However, this text is hiding in the middle of your homepage BELOW the fold I may add:

    ‘websites are designed keeping our valued clients in mind”

    Why would you NOT put that or similar in large easy to read font, on your homepage? ABOVE the fold!

    Instantly you tell your visitor, you’re all about helping them out period. Give them a reason to connect with you, because you connected with a common anxiety, SME face, about getting online.

    I’d change the background image, looks like desktop chaos. Mix it in with tech terms they have no idea about, equals back button.

    White-space I feel always works, converts better. This gives them the ability to relax visually into your well written content and main message.

    I would stay with your client web examples of course, but potentially, another page.

    Too much text on the homepage. Yup again I know people try to rank using content, of course that works, but it’s too much in this instance to consume.

    This niche would already be cemented, dominated, whichever, by other web development, seo firms Australia, well before you on google. Just my opinion.

    Simple, concise, creative is best. Search engines aren’t be all end all, there are other ways to get eye balls on your site. There is an abundance of info on those channels within the forum. You want “engagement” as an outcome to your content being consumed.

    Because your niche is voluminous with providers, you need to think up, how do you propose to stand out! Seriously, think on that.

    The email optin box is weak. “SUBMIT” box will not inspire anyone to. Give them a reason to optin. Inspire them. Google your main keywords, look at your competitors sites, check out their optin boxes. Model what works, not copy.

    This isn’t new stuff, it’s out there already.

    At the end of the day, you want them to take an ACTION primarily contact you without leaving your website right, otherwise, what’s it’s purpose?

    Generate leads ready for conversion. Ching ching.

    All the best @logsticsoftaustralia

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    website is perfectly amazing, however, the content at the middle fold is actually long. try to shorten the content. summarise the why choose us. it would be better if you’ll put the longer version content on a separate page for the “why choose us”.

    on the above the fold, checklist has big font size. see screenshot file attached.

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