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    Hi All,

    I think it’s time I created a website. At the moment my domain takes people to my facebook page.

    I’ve created a bit of a site on blogger, well actually its really just layout and an idea on what I want to do.

    What I’m really struggling with is the content. I’ve got services that I provide, but I’m really not sure what to write in relation to these services. Really don’t know where to start and would appreciate some help?


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    Give a brief to one of the copy writers on the forum if you’re stuck.


    John Debrincat
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    gregdonhardt, post: 138997 wrote:
    Really don’t know where to start and would appreciate some help?


    Hello Greg,

    This may seem really obvious but if you know other successful companies that offer similar services then go a take a look at their websites. Don’t copy them but use them to work out what you like in the content and what you don’t like. I see you offer AV and Staging services so there are a lot of companies in that area let Google be your friend and do some searches. Don’t worry if the site or company is overseas because you are just getting ideas. Make a list of all the content ideas that you see that you like and think are informative and would attract customers.

    If you go to a content writer without a good idea of what you want and a brief you will probably not end up with a good result.



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    I was going to say something similar to the above, go check out your competition on ideas on what to write about; I’m sure this will give you some ideas which may then lead to other ideas. :)

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    I think you need to rewind and think “what’s a website for?”

    If it’s an information site for your customers then you need to put yourself in their shoes and ask what THEY want to see from your site :)

    Give them a user experience!

    The Copy Chick
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    John Debrincat, post: 139014 wrote:
    If you go to a content writer without a good idea of what you want and a brief you will probably not end up with a good result.

    A good copywriter will be able to ask enough of the right questions in their own briefing session to uncover the information they need.

    What IS important to know is WHO your target market is. Many people are tempted to say “everyone”… but when you start to think about where your customers are located, the typical income bracket, the reasons why they would use your services, etc… then you suddenly realise that your market is usually fairly specific.

    When you know who your market is, it becomes easier to anticipate the sort of information they want from you, which makes it easier to determine the direction your copy needs to take.

    As Leah so rightly pointed out, your site should be about answering the expectations of your target audience and making it as easy as possible for them to do business with you.

    John Romaine
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    This is common for a lot of business owners. Most of them have no idea what they should promote on their websites. Infact, many don’t do anything. They have the site built, they put up basic information (Home, About Us, Contact Us) then consider the site finished, and leave it at that.

    Content is super important.

    Here’s some suggestions…

    1. Think about discussions that you have with your customers.
    2. Think about frequently asked questions
    3. Consider what your customers want/or problems they might be faced with
    4. Consider news within the industry, your business…
    5. Think about upcoming events
    6. Consider publishing news about special promotions or offers within your business
    7. Interview well known people in your industry
    8. Run comparisons. This product or service VS this other product or service
    9. Publish guides, handbooks, transcripts etc etc

    Most importantly, dont limit yourself to just articles.

    This is another common mistake that a lot of business owners make with their websites. A lot of them ask for a blog, post one or two entries – then give up.

    Be mindful that content should’nt just be limited to text. You should also be publishing ….

    1. Videos.
    2. Podcasts
    3. Images
    4. PDF’s
    5. Software

    …and so on.

    Here’s the biggest tip of all.

    Business owners that focus on constant content creation will be the most successful.

    Keeta Nova
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    I’ve checked out your website, and in addition to written content about who you are and what you do, I would be adding in more photographs. Your business is visually spectacular, and these, combined with well-written text, will capture the imagination of the viewer.

    Web text is easier to read in columns, so you might consider adding the images to the side, which will narrow the columns of text.

    I hope this helps, and I have e-mailed you also.


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    As has been mentioned, look at what other similar businesses are talking about and try to put your own personal spin on things.

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