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    I am new to this forum and I have just revamped our service and booking website. It now has two booking forms on the same page. Please, I will appreciate it if anyone can let me know what they think if it is better to have one form or two forms on it. Below is the site:


    I will deeply appreciate your honest opinion as I am not sure if one or two forms will be better for the user. I am trying to make it user friendly as much as possible.

    Dave – FS Concierge
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    Hi [USER=119388]@ptppmtspoknio19[/USER],

    I quite like the two forms.

    Some areas of improvement to consider.

    • The white headline text is hard to read on the partially white background
    • In what way are you Brisbane’s #1? You don’t want the first words out of your mouth to be a white lie. If it’s true, use facts or numbers to back it up.
    • Replace stock photos with real photos of your staff/clients/business
    • There’s no about page. Many customers will want to know who they are hiring to come into their home (or who are the owners).
    • At the bottom you say you clean also in NSW, VIC, SA. I found that confusing because until that point you sound like a local Brisbane business.

    Good luck!

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    Two forms are ok, but I’m not sure if you really need 2 forms, if you change the wording slightly you could have one form covering both, and make it look cleaner (!!).

    But a more important thing I would never use a service that claims they are the #1 of anything. Reminds me of a local fish and chips shop, claiming to be the worlds best, besides being the worst, false advertising just turns me off. Who has rated you number 1.

    You are security checked, etc. but don’t list an ABN, a number one pointer for me. I get many customers who check how long I have being in business before contacting me.

    You claim 5 star rated service, but google says 4.8. If you are going to claim 5 star, again who is saying you are 5 star

    three brains
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    Hi there

    Agree with Bert, it would look cleaner with one form. But, don’t believe having two forms would put anyone off, it’s very clear what you want people to do.

    If you did want to consolidate them, you’d probably want to see if your form builder could do conditional questions, so

    Name / email / phone -> all enquiries
    Type of cleaning -> Dropdown multiple choice -> pick domestic/house or commercial/office
    Then only show the service/bedrooms/bathrooms options to those who pick the first one.

    Not an expert on form builders, we use WPForms Builder, and the conditional logic is a paid option on that, not on the free version.

    Your other option to keep it to one form, would be to have all the extra domestic questions default to an n/a option, and add a text line to say something like “For domestic/house quotes, please give us a little more detail about your requirements”, something like that? So commercial enquiries would just leave it as n/a and your domestic enquires would select from the options to want.

    Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but that’s what sprung to mind looking at your site.

    And to Dave’s point, the headline at the top (and the form boxes) look at little rough / hard to read placed on the video where they are. Not sure how your WordPress set-up is, but you might want to look at the blocks where these elements sit, and see if you can adjust the background colour – maybe a light grey 20% transparent background to help them stand out?

    Also, don’t think it would do any harm to maybe bump the font size up a little. No-one every complains about font size being too big, but if it’s too small, they won’t read it …

    Hope that helps, there’s lots of other good things on our page by the way!

    Welcome, and good luck with your revamped site!

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Just to add to [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER] ‘s point below,

    “You claim 5 star rated service, but google says 4.8. If you are going to claim 5 star, again who is saying you are 5 star”

    Statistically, a 4.8 rating will have more trust and credibility amongst consumers than a 5 star rating.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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