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    Egor K
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    Hello, fellow soloists!

    Just wanted to ask for a website review – three years after starting the business, we finally got it up and running:

    Fastlane Solutions

    1. What needs reviewing? (i.e. logo, website, idea etc…)
    Website, especially performance aspect – loading times etc. I consider CDNifying content, but would like to get the feedback first.

    2. What does your business do?
    We build mobile apps and help businesses get their ideas delivered to App Store or Google Play.

    3. Who is your target market?
    Mostly medium to large businesses, although we never put down requests for smaller apps.

    4. What specific concerns do you have?
    See up there – mostly loading times.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Egor, I’ll list things as I notice them.

    I get a nasty, strobe-like effect when I scroll sometimes, due to the top navigation repeatedly expanding/collapsing.

    Your Vision/Steer/Accelerate sections could be styled a little better to avoid the rivers of spacing between words. Maybe less text, and lose the justification.

    Not a fan of the grey border on the rounded rectangles on your projects. I tried taking it off, and it looks way better.

    Other than that, it’s all good. I’d give it an 8/10. Since your contact is all the way down the bottom, and people might not get that far, have you considered having a little docked contact/message dialogue that always sits in the bottom right? Like the one on my site. I get a lot more contacts from that little module. I could help you get set up if you need it, let me know.

    Egor K
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    Thanks Dave – appreciate the feedback. Will definitely get the docked contact thing on – great idea!

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    I always check up on sites I review. Nice solution to the contact button :)

    Byron Trzeciak
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    I think landing on the page I immediately understood what it was that you did which is great. The only thing I’d say is for me personally the timing on that first slide was a bit fast. I hadn’t read all the dot points before it changed which is a frustration of mine on sites.

    I would potentially move the section up in regards to your process as I find the vision, steer, accelerate to be fairly generic and I tend to glaze over on that sort of stuff.

    Your phone number is all the way down the bottom. From many of the websites I manage phone numbers are getting the largest number of conversions but I also understand in your line of work it’s likely that you’ll receive more email enquiries. Potentially you could look at adding the phone number to the menu somehow.

    From an SEO perspective, and the fact that it’s a one page website, means that you’ll only be able to optimise a single page of content. You might want to consider creating individual pages for different types of apps, operating systems or services you offer so that your site can be optimised for numerous keyword terms, locations etc.

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    Its a beautiful, well-thought out page. I love this, and dont often say that about websites in general :)


    Text at right “Weve got you covered…. etc” is a little small – I am reading on 1366×768 laptop and finding it a bit hard to see.

    VISION STEER ACCELERATE – I skipped – too wordy

    “Business immersion, UX prototyping, etc” would benefit from a good edit.

    Testimonials are too long. Didnt read them.

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    We’ll have an indepth look at the site soon, but I did want to mention the yahoo tool yslow because you mentioned being interested in site performance: http://yslow.org

    This is an *EXCELLENT* completely free tool for working out problems with your website – due to things you can fix, and why they’re slow, etc.

    Hope to help.

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    Ok I’ve had some time to look at your site now.

    Vision / Steer / Accelerate
    These headings don’t pull the attention in. I actually skipped them the first time I saw them.

    The place this text occupies is a very important position: people get to it immediately after seeing the “splash” slideshow.

    However, it’s really three big blocks of text with headings that don’t pull you in (even though you have 3 icons).

    You really want to draw people into this section, but all of the language is written in an indirect way, and is generally about *your* business, not the clients’ businesses / the clients themselves. (I’d advise reworking it to be talking about your clients more, and what’s in it for them.)

    The core message for the client that you’re trying to get across here is:

    • On time, On budget, Done to scope.
    • Excellent communication and transparency
    • Solutions which are connected to your clients’ requirements.

    You need to take these, and then explain exactly how these features are good (even though they’re obvious to you, and to me).

    Maybe you need to pull these into several points rather than 3 sections, and put illustrations / drawings / photos for each one. (if you want a good 3D artist recommendation, our designer does this: http://www.rndi.com.au)

    I think brevity is your friend here (ironic considering the length of my message here, I suppose) ;)

    The second thing I’d say is that I’d love to see a kind of showcase of exactly what the design process involves. Like… a series of pictures of the development process… that’d be deeply fascinating to your potential clients, and if you can make it so that they can see themselves “slotting themselves” into this process, it’ll sell your development service really well.

    Hope this helps,

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