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    Comments welcome on a new site that provides innovative ideas for the serious entrepreneur. Specifically, how would you compare SmarterLeap.com to other sites that provide new business ideas? Thank you.

    The name of the site is http://www.smarterleap.com

    More Detail:

    Smarterleap.com is a platform specializing in new idea generation:

    Our purpose is to provide:

    -Breakthrough business ideas for individuals serious about starting a new business, from original web 2.0 sites and unique service businesses to new product innovations.

    -Expert guidance to successfully bring a new SmarterLeap business idea to market.

    SmarterLeap taps into a network of really smart and creative people (we call them Idea Architects) to generate ideas that have yet to be imagined in the world of business. Our proprietary process screens each idea for things like revenue potential, level of investment and uniqueness, among other criteria.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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