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    Hi everyone,

    I have just launched my swimwear collection and the website is our new born : ) Please check and let me know your sincere opinion

    1. What needs reviewing? (i.e. logo, website, idea etc…)

    2. What does your business do?
    Sell high fashion swimwear online but I want also do business with retailers.

    3. Who is your target market?
    Women in search of exclusivity, glamorous, high quality swimwear.

    4. What specific concerns do you have?
    General concerns: are the photos appealing? Too colorful? Is the cart page easy to understand and navigate?

    Looking forward to your replies! Many thanks!


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    Hi Lourdes,

    Congratulations on launching a new site.

    Here are some of my comments to the site…

    – Distinguishability factor is good.
    – Suggest that you change your font style a little bit because you cant read straight away the text –especially the “I” which I thought was “S” at first, maybe because “Spanema” sounds more familiar with “Spandex”.
    – Suggest also to put a slogan relating to bikini’s, because the bating girl alone seems to associate the logo with tanning products.
    – Maybe consider other color scheme if you want to project luxury and glamour. Grey is a dead colour on white background. As an artist myself, I use grey as good background color to accentuate foreground color. Maybe try a black background instead and make your grey a little more lighter. Experiment also on the color of the bikini, which I think pink or red would be a good base.

    – It took a while before the page finish loading. You should optimize your photo images for web application. Also you should take advantage of the gzip compression technology, usually tweaked in the back end of your site.
    – I enjoyed looking at the beautiful sexy girls with their bikinis. Excellent choice of models. (are they affordable to pose for my business?) Good poses as well and photography I must say :-)
    -The slide show is a very good idea, although I wouldn’t say the same with the image sizing used for the slide photos–they have different layout and sizes. You should stick with one size and layout as it looks more complete, and not with some void spaces on the sides when a slide photo is of vertical layout.
    – If you want to portray glamor and luxury, maybe you should include expensive yachts or speedboats on the background with some expensive ornaments or food/wine as well. Also, having your models wear some expensive “bling-blings” :-)
    – The site background color is grey which I dont think conveys that image of luxury and glamour. I would suggest maybe experimenting with black, dark purple and gold.
    – Im not really a fan of using PrestaShop as a platform for online shops but I think you did good enough. I like the way you provided different perspective shots on the models wearing the products. If you want to make it better I suggest you also include close up shots on the product to show material detail and design patterns.

    ON SEO:
    – You should include meta description and keywords for your pages.
    – 40 of your images dont have alt attributes. You should correct it.
    – You should avoid using Frames script. Use CSS formating instead.
    – Robot.txt file is missing
    – XML SiteMap is missing
    – Google Analytics code missing
    – W3C validation found 18 errors and 2 warnings
    – Improve your backlinks

    If you are really serious about SEO, have a look at my SEO Audit Report service.

    Hope my 20 cent helps.

    Able Assist
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    I love your designs, they’re awesome!

    However, the website doesn’t have that high end fashion look to me. A white, gold, and dark purple combination would look far more luxurious and expensive. I think if you’re asking for high end prices, then the website must look really high end to really push the sale.

    ETA: I agree the the “i” in the logo looks like an “s”.

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    Hi guys!

    I am taking all comments in consideration, thank you for your time and words!

    Kind Regards,

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