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    Hi everyone. Soooo glad to have found this forum. I have just signed up today as I feel lost. LOL. I have actually been trying to look for a course to study that is apt for new entrepreneurs. I am a registered nurse but have been side hustling for years. July last year, my family started a small business out of need as I was the only one that was able to work during the pandemic. Fast forward to today, we did not expect our business to foster. We are almost nearing the $75K mark and would need to apply for GST (I recently just learned, we should have applied for it earlier. Please don’t grill me. LOL)

    I have been looking for a business course to enrol in to be able to bring the business to the next level. I have been listening to business podcasts but as great and very informative as they are, I feel they’re not enough. I am very good at generating/implementing business ideas and marketing strategies, and I have launched profitable micro businesses before but they did not surpass the 5-year itch period. Undoubtedly, I was doing something wrong. I want this one to be “the one”, if you know what I mean.

    I have considered post-grad Entrepreneurship or Business Mgt courses but quite unsure because I don’t have a formal business background. I found Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business BSB40320 and quite interested. But I’m thinking it might be too basic for me? Could I please have feedback or recommendations? Has anyone taken this course? How did you find it?

    Thank you in advance, everyone, for your time reading this and replying. I would greatly appreciate it! =)

    Dave Gillen – FS Concierge
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    Great question @insatiablestudent!

    If you are feeling constantly out of your depth, and know that a qualification and some fundamentals will help you feel equipped for the job, then maybe a business course like that is a good choice.

    Most people who have studied for a career will tell you that about 10% of what they learned was relevant to what they needed in their role. So there will be a lot of learning that doesn’t move the needle for your business, and in fact will be taking time away from the business.

    It sounds like you may need help with something very specific, which may include:
    -Extracting yourself from daily operations so you can spend your time growing/scaling the business.
    -Transitioning from a business that depends on you spinning several plates, to one that can operate/grow on its own.
    -Creating the systems/personnel needed for you to be freed up.
    -Creating a business that could be sold in the future.

    Feel free to elaborate on what your specific needs are. It’s possible there’s a more direct path to your goal.


    Dave Gillen - Client Acquisition | Brisbane | (07) 3180 0288
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