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    It is such a minefield out there with so many product offerings in the marketplace. Some good, some bad. Some ugly.

    I am a big lover of SAAS products.

    I started on Salesforce but changed, it was too expensive to upgrade and found it difficult to navigate.

    I am currently using a good one called Javelin but I want to expand my team and I don’t think its up to the job. It also takes me so long to add contacts and leads and too many mouse clicks – a long process and too many tabs to navigate.

    My dream CRM would include social media integration and updates from within, reporting, pay per user per month, and online chat to talk to team members. All on one page.

    Batch Blue recently upgraded but I really don’t like the new interface.

    So I am back to the drawing board and searching for the the right one.

    Just wondering what CRM you use? SAAS or computer based?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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