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    I have found a manufacturer in China and I’m of the understanding I need the following;

    – Commercial invoice
    – Packing list
    – Bill of lading
    – Certificate of Origin
    – Fumigation certificate

    Is there anything I’ve missed? My product contains bamboo hence the fumigation certificate. Do I need to source all of this myself? Will the manufacturer provide it? Which of the above do freight forwarders and customs brokers handle? Sorry for all the questions but this side of starting out my business is very overwhelming to say the least…

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    A packing declaration is also required by the supplier.

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    Hi and welcome to Flying Solo [USER=118175]@maddisondeni[/USER]

    Hopefully some helpful members will be along soon with some advice to point you in the right direction.


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    Hi Maddison, add the packing declaration and you have most things covered. But it all depends on more detail. If you are importing a couple of boxes with multiple amounts of one product, the commercial invoice can serve as the packing list. Your carrier / freight broker will supply the Bill of Lading. The CHAFTA Certificate of Origin normally costs USD50 – USD70. If the shipment value is under AUD1500 its probably not worth paying for a COO.
    Fumigation is a sensitive issue. You must be certain to get the goods fumigated by a business that is recognised and approved by Australian Border Force, Quarantine. There are some dodgy certificates! The packing dec. must be on a specific template. Change the wording and it will not be accepted . Email me and I can send you the template

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    Are packing declarations only required if you are packing FCL? If your goods are being consolidated with others, then the Freight Forwarder will create this declaration for their container?

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    Hi Verum . No. A Packing dec. is required for all sea freight, esp. LCL. But it depends who palletises the freight. If the supplier hands out loose cartons, then the CFS will consolidate and sign the declaration. If the supplier has palletised it, then they must produce the packing dec.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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