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    Whilst I am somewhat biased, Word of Mouth has always been the most successful channel for gaining repeat and new business for me.

    Take a look at this case study on my website – http://www.brand88.com.au/case-studies/the-case-of-the-curious-pigs.html

    Quick figures – $10k to design, produce and distribute beautiful custom ceramic piglets, with the business logo on them.

    6 years later, these wee piggies are still bringing in referral business, and generating word of mouth conversations about Curious Design.

    Another channel that worked really effectively for me, was creating a referral system around my champions, advocates and users of my service. No money changed hands at all, but by working this simple system for half an hour a day, we managed to bring in over $650k worth of billable consulting in 39 weeks.

    Again, I’m somewhat biased, but investing your marketing dollars into your existing base of clients, will see a far greater return than yellow pages or local paper adverts.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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