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    I know how Twitter & Google+ work technically. But don’t understand the culture of these places. I don’t know what the “thing to do” is.

    On Facebook I know how I can get customers. No idea on Twitter or Google+.

    Any idea? How specifically do you use Twitter or Google+? Thanks!

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    Cannot speak for Google+, but Twitter is a place for:

    A) Conversations – starting and joining

    B) Demonstrating that you are an expert in the field

    C) Sharing relevant, sharable content.

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    Hi Vhit,
    The basic principles are to assess for each medium:

    • Who can be reached by the medium?
    • How many can be reached by the medium?
    • What do they use the medium for?

    I have to observe that both Twitter and Google+ seem very good at providing obscure and/or misleading numbers.

    By one count it looks like:

    Google+ = 343 million users (14%)
    Twitter = 288 million users (12%)
    Total WWW Users = 2,405 million users

    (Please note that the WWW User number is 12 months old.)

    1. Twitter
    Twitter actually has a very small reach in the online world. Like so much of the Internet, the hype is out of proportion to reality.

    Think of Twitter as being a distribution method for very transient and targeted information.


    a. Twitter for Designers/Redecorators
    If you want to make regular contact with a group of specifiers you might tweet links to them that help them keep up to date on what is happening in their industry. Like an instant “news and events” message that is intended to show you are an expert in this field. Tweet them links mostly to other information but also to your own website as relevant and supportive of the tweet objective.

    b. Twitter for Daily Deals
    Originally Amazon used Twitter to promote its daily deals and discounts. It has over 500k followers as a result.

    This does not sound like a relevant application for your type of product.

    2. Google+
    I’m also interested in other’s comments on this one.

    G+ application is very clouded in my mind by issues like how Google reports its “regular users”.

    Google changed its G+ reporting rules fairly recently. My understanding is that if you have any Google account (eg. a Gmail account) you are now considered to be a G+ user in their reported numbers. Does this mean if I look up my Gmail account every day, Im considered a regular Google+ user? If so, the cited G+ numbers reported above are a joke!

    However you cut it, in terms of total regular users, G+ is still a minor social media player compared to Facebook.

    Very subjectively, my reading on G+ suggests that it tends to have a more technical following of regular users. I see reports that indicate the online retail world is not using it.

    Here is a recent example of how murky is the G+ issue:

    Only 2 Percent Of Social Sharing Happens On Google+

    Brendan Cheong
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    Hi Vhit,

    I use G+ a fair bit, not so much as a marketing tool but more as a social tool. Some of the Pros and Cons I have found with G+ are as follows:

    Reaching people – It is far easier to ‘connect’ with people on G+ that it is on FB. The culture on G+ is that just about everyone is happy to connect with anyone else. It is therefore relatively easy to gather 1000+ followers, who will see anything you post on their news stream.

    Communities – G+ has this construct called ‘communities’ that you can join. Communities are groups of people having the same interest. Communities are therefore a good way to meet like minded people, or to find potential customers. However, there is a fine balance between being part of the community, and being a spammer that is just trying to leech from the community. Getting this balance wrong can have negative consequences. Getting it right, of course, can yield good results.

    Global reach – Unlike FB, where your FB friends are generally people you know, or people that know people you know, and are therefore more or less geographically concentrated in a certain location, G+ is much more global. As mentioned above, just about anyone will follow anyone else. So what you end up with are followers literally from all over the world.

    Personal relationships – The fact that anyone on G+ will pretty much follow anyone else means that relationships on G+ are less personal than on FB. This can be fixed, but requires time and effort spent in engaging with your followers.

    Noise – The fact that many G+ users themselves follow 1000+ other G+ users means that your post (which they will get on their news stream) is often just one post out of 100’s that they might get in one day. Making your posts stand out is not an easy task. One solution is to use communities more.

    In general, I would say that G+ is fantastic if you are offering a physical product that you want to sell. It is also very good if you are offering a service that can be mostly conducted on the internet (e.g. graphic design, webpage design, photography, etc). I would rate G+ as poor if you are offering local services (e.g. plumbing, lawn mowing, babysitting, etc) as it is too hard to find via G+ individuals that are local to you.



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