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    I totally understand professional pet sitting, pet minding and dog walking is in its infancy here in Australia. There are more “hobbyists” than there are those who can do it FT like myself.

    My big question is:

    What are your questions about pet sitting ?

    What are your questions about pet minding ?

    Did you realise there IS a difference between pet sitting and pet minding ? That whilst most pet minders are also pet sitters, not all pet sitters are pet minders.

    Have you any idea how to determine who is a professional ? What questions to ask ?

    What basic qualities would you look for in a pet carer (pet sitter or minder) ?

    Shane – CM Marketing
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    Hi vstacy,

    We recently went on holidays for 21 days and had our pets minded at home. Not really sure what the difference is between minding and sitting.

    We have a great dane x english mastiff and 3 cats.

    It cost us $20 per day to have a lady come twice a day to feed the pets and let the dog in at night and out in the morning.

    My biggest question was about security. I should be able to sign a contract stating that this person has access to my valuables and is responsible for locking and alarming my house.

    I know it is a difficult subject to address, as responsibility is hard to assume for such a large amount of assets, whilst performing a non related service.

    What do you have in place to ensure customers are well assured?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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