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    Hey all

    Here’s the first of what will be a regular Sunday update from me – a bit of a wrap of what’s been happening here at Flying Solo, both on our site and our Facebook page (I figure you guys already know what’s happening in the forums given you’re here!).

    This weekly update is also an opportunity for you all to let me know if there’s some kind of information you’re particularly crying out for on our site.

    For instance, just yesterday we published a podcast that Robert Gerrish did with Elizabeth Formosa from Fashion Equipped about starting a fashion business (http://fsolo.co/1GxeRYl). This was in response to the slew of questions we’re seeing in here on that topic. We also have a great article coming up in the next week or so from Corryn Barakat on this subject.

    Also this week, Kate Toon got the comments hopping with her piece about How to avoid dodgy SEOers and why you might want to consider doing your own SEO yourself: http://fsolo.co/1OO9Oqb (I know you guys love a raging SEO debate).

    Another interesting piece was from Lucinda Lions about how a tiny little bit of dissonance from a business caused her to never use their services again. I think it’s a good lesson for us all: http://fsolo.co/1IIuo79

    Finally – are you someone who feels like you have an amazing message to share with the world but you’re struggling to get that message out there? Then you’ll love Alexx Stuart’s story and the advice she has for you: http://fsolo.co/1Cv3Zrd

    Meanwhile, on Facebook, this was the image of the week (I usually try to be more positive with the messages we share so was a little surprised at how popular this one was!!)


    Hope you all had a great week folks x

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