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    Hello all, just wanting to see if someone can share their thoughts on this. We built a tutoring platform in 2014, and the site is doing better than expected. iIt generated over 29,000 tutor searches and receiving enquiry sent from parents and students to tutors almost everyday.

    We used to charge for $60 per year, we have approximately 30 out of 50 tuition centres and music schools paid and tried the service. However we increased to over $100 last month and people dropped out. So we decide to set our cost the lowest in the market which is $30 per annual subscription. Now the problem is how I can to advertise our deal to the tuition centres and music school and get them to register.

    Here are some ways that I am thinking but not sure if we can justify the ROI.
    – Mail out (yellow pages there are over 10,000 tuition centres and music schools)
    – Emailing (via enquiry form on their website)
    – Cold calling (we may need to hire someone work on commission base)
    – Google ads (but I’m not so sure how tuition centre owner would search on Google)

    I hope to see if you can share your experience with me : )


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    Hi, I have written about different ways of marketing your business in Power Marketing. I believe for this low cost subscription that rules out direct mail, as the cost is at least $1.30 each and at 1-2% the ROI isn’t high enough. However please check with others in the industry.

    Emailing to sell without permission is spamming, even if it’s one at a time. Building a list methodically is much more effective anyhow.

    Calling may be the most cost effective way if you’ve got someone who is willing to build relationships and doesn’t have some funny accent you cannot even understand. Price in the cost of the telemarketer VA.

    Re Adwords. Offering something for free with a landing page is a tried and tested way to interest a niche market. Or even if you combine an offer with the call — always go for the easy sell. A free trial or a $1 trial is an easy sell, or perhaps an ebook with ’40 ways to bring in more students’. As to the keywords to attract the tutors / owners, you can dig around in Keyword Planner (under an Adwords account) and see what might work. Try a landing page software like LeadPages or Instapage.

    I dont understand why the tutors backed out, unless you did not provide the result they are looking for. Anyway I wish you all the best with your marketing and don’t forget to ask signed up people to give you simple web-based referrals to their friends in return for a credit.

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    Thank you so much for your feedbacks.
    Yes direct mailing will be too expensive and it will be hard to cover the postage and cost of printing.
    I think I may try to do some Adwords campaigns and track the conversion rate. Will definitely try Leadpages : )
    I have identified some possible reasons why they backed out. They do not feel comfortable paying hundreds in a directory type website where they can advertise on gumtree for free. Our website show contact number of the centres so if people call they may not know the lead is from us, etc.

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    Just looking at the timing of it all, are you assuming the increase in cost caused your subscribers to drop off. As it is one year since you started. Is it that they signed up for the first year, and were not getting any value from it, so would have dropped off even if you were $30 or $100, just another way of looking at it.
    Have you asked anyone why they dropped off?
    Have you done any analysis to see if you were actually providing any benefit?
    Sure you 29K searches, but were there any conversions for your subscribers?
    Just some questions you need to answer before dropping your price, using adwords, direct mail, sending Spam, or any other approach, because it could all be a waste if the answer comes back that your subscribers didn’t see value.
    Linking it back to my field, I had another contractor query me why I got a lot of return work, whereas he got one job from an enquiry, bt than no followup work, it all came to quality. And the same may apply with your site, if people aren’t seeing any return, they will drop out.

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    Hi Bert, that’s only our assumption and we will try to call the centres and see why they dropped off and also check if they can see any return in their investment on our website. In terms of follow up work, we do email reports to centres telling them how many clicks and profile views, etc. But will see how we can do better.

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