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    I’ve worked with a number of clients to help them answer that time honored networking question, “so what do you do?”.

    Many had answers that would send you to sleep or at least your eyes would glaze over and the conversation would end. This issue has also come up in a few forums and in conversations I’ve had with other soloists.

    So I pose the question, what’s your answer to the question, “what do you do?” Does it grab peoples attention? Does your answer end the conversation, or does it naturally flow onto the next question which should be “That’s interesting, how do you do that?”

    What’s your answer?

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    I just confuse whoever asks, and myself!

    They generally end up thinking I develop websites. I’m thinking of changing careers as I’ve had a more referrals for that than my real work.

    I might go back to saying I’m a Mastic Asphalter or a Fish Farmer. Gets ’em every time.

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    Great topic Chris, would love to see what your description might be.

    For me I have two (Was just East Coast Consulting for a couple of years but saw the huge need for helping smaller businesses and start ups that couldn’t afford “consulting fees” and developed Biz Coach Online);

    East Coast Consulting – help business owners achieve more by finding ways to unlock and improve potential

    Biz Coach Online – personal training for your business goals at your pace and budget

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    Cheers Harry,

    My answer to the question is “I help my clients attract more customers” which generally leads to a marketing discussion.

    Any others want to put their answer out there?

    Even if you don’t have one, have a go and use some crowd sourcing from the helpful FS community to help you on your way..

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    MarketingHQ, post: 48888 wrote:
    Even if you don’t have one, have a go and use some crowd sourcing from the helpful FS community to help you on your way..

    That’s a great idea Chris! Anyone want to put their hand up to go first?

    Tiggerito, shall we have a go at yours? (No pressure!)


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    Nice topic :) The elevator pitch is always a difficult one for many businesses.

    As for my attempt – I develop custom Customised CRM Databases for businesses to help the manage their data and streamline business processes.

    However, I’m thinking of getting into fish farming.



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    Considering I own and operate a female stripper agency, the answer to what I do is pretty simple “I sell naked babes”.

    Never any confusion, but alot of blushing and quick subject changing.

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    When I started out as a business owner I used to keep it short and dull because I didn’t want to bore people. “I own a marketing company” I would tell them.

    That had two problems:

    1. it’s incredibly boring and doesn’t invite follow-up questions
    2. marketing is so broad that it’s not informative

    I’ve moved onto “I run a marketing business that helps small business owners to afford new cars and nice things”. It’s simple, has people imagining the real benefits of great marketing, gets a laugh and always gets a few follow-up questions.

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    To volunteer then,

    I promote websites using SEO techniques. That is, making search engines like them. My clients are mostly small businesses in Adelaide, so I am focused on what works in this market.

    I’ll have to say, some people get the “SEO” thing and I can have a great conversation. Otherwise it’s the opposite end of the spectrum and they just stare at me!

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    p.s. It’s a wig and I don’t go out in it (most of the time), so that’s not the problem ;-)

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    A few ideas Tiggerito:

    “I make small businesses more visible on the internet”
    “I help small businesses find customers via the internet”
    “I make search engines love small business websites”

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    Mike (Nash), a few ideas:

    “I help businesses manage their information better”
    “I create business engines”

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    I especially like

    “I help small businesses find customers via the internet”

    I will try them out tonight in the pub ;-)

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    I used to say that I run a poetry business but now I say

    I help people perfectly capture the essence of their loved one.

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    Well…. people usually ask me 2 things

    where is your accent from?
    Then I answer: Colombia

    they they do this weird silence…

    then they ask: and what do you do?

    And I answer:

    I’m a Google dealer.

    People then stop asking me questions.

    love it

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