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    AgentMail, post: 76875 wrote:
    Ahh, I think I was thinking more tagline. But since you are offering :) My answer to what you do can become wordy very quickly, but wonder if this is ok:
    “AgentMail provides an end to end mail service to assist businesses connect directly with their customers, efficiently and cost effectively”

    Feels really wordy to me and it wouldn’t encourage me to find out more from you at a networking function. One that has popped into my head is “We help businesses get stuffed”. Yes a bit risque but would generate interest and get people talking. Just a thought…

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    OK Chris, I have a networking event on Wednesday, so I am going to give that a go and report back. If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know I was mauled by an angry mob and it didn’t go down so well!

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    Thanks Chris. I’ll think more about it, you are right I wouldn’t say that, it’s too long

    Canex Graphic Designs
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    Thanks for the helpful feedback Chris! It’s funny how you don’t see what you’re doing wrong until someone points it out to you!!!

    Yes our websites are often cheaper than others around Melbourne as we don’t feel that we need to charge excessive amounts. However, that’s not the only thing that makes us different.

    I’m stuck on a good answer to this (unfortunately) very common question as it’s an extremely competitive field!

    Some of the things that set us apart from the rest:
    – We don’t hound potential clients! Eg: I’ve had so many complaints from clients and friends who have asked for a quote from a design (or similar) business and then had 2, 3 or more follow-up emails, phone calls and letters in the post! As a person that hates to be harassed and nagged, I make sure we don’t do this. I have the idea that if you are happy with our quote and want to talk further, you’ll let us know.
    – Price: as mentioned above we keep our prices reasonable and focus on keeping them affordable for other small businesses, but we are professional and experienced enough for the big guys aswell. We provide a price guide on our website so we are not seen as trying to “catch” you by making you ask for a quote, AND you pay per page for your website so you only pay for what you need.
    – Location: we are based in Melbourne but also service country areas (eg: Traralgon, Morwell, Sale, Leongatha, etc) as we have a good understanding of the country market and know that people in the country expect different things to those in the city.
    – We have the knowledge, skills and contacts to target the Spanish-speaking communities
    – We’re with you from the start: Sign up for our newsletter or make a request that we contact you every 6 months to remind you to update or review your advertising and we will do just that (saves you remembering!!). We will not only remind you to do that, but we will come up with suggestions before getting in contact.

    My problem obviously is trying to think of why we are different… maybe once I figure that part out my answer will be better.

    Based on what I have mentioned above does anyone have any suggestions for a better answer to this question? Obviously it shouldn’t be a long answer because that will sound recited and silly. I’m having trouble thinking of something “short and sweet”. I could always just say “I’m a creative genius and love using my imagination!” :D

    Any advice (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated!!



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    seocourse, post: 49089 wrote:
    Well…. people usually ask me 2 things

    where is your accent from?
    Then I answer: Colombia

    they they do this weird silence…

    then they ask: and what do you do?

    And I answer:

    I’m a Google dealer.

    People then stop asking me questions.

    love it

    Fell off my chair laughing at this one, even woke the family!!!!!!!!

    For Marketing HQ your statement
    “I make small businesses visible on the internet” made me sit up & take note.
    I used to say “I make parents lives easier”, which normally meant they started to tell me thier own parenting stories, mostly horror ones for some strange reason, which is great but I have changed it too “I help new parents become their own ‘baby whisperer’ which will always lead to “how do you that?”

    Bridal Discount Book Aust
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    What do I do….Generally I tell people (brides in particular) that I’m their best friend!
    Naturally they want to know HOW I could possibly be their best friend which leads to my informing them that Bridal Discount Book can save them time & money by connecting them with trusted, respected wedding vendors all offering exclusive savings & discounts.
    Just to add – I LOVE what I do :)

    Great question!

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    We do paper, cardboard & plastic recycling and very often when I meet new people I’m asked that question about what I do.

    Technically, I drive a truck because for obvious reasons the recycle material isn’t getting picked up any other way but instead I tell people that I operate a Recycle Business, following common questions are “What do you recycle” and then sometimes “How we recycle it” if the conversation is still going the’ll eventually want to know why someone would recycle there cardboard or paper instead of just throw it in there general waste and that point it just gets a bit boring, unless you actually operate a business of your own and are having issues with disposal of the paper/cardboard/plastic waste in which then if they are you’ve likely to have just made a new customer.

    I’ve been in this for just over 12 month now, pre-this business I was a IT Technician serving in a multi role also IT Manager for a medium sized business (120 desks on 3 office floors) and what I used to be able to say about what I do was so simple compared to now.

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