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    Hi guys I have put a post on here before about what CRM’s people are using for their business but this question is slightly different so I’m posting again.

    What I want to know is if someone was to ask you how many leads came into your business last month (or this month) where would you go to find out? I suspect people who use a CRM will check the CRM so please say so and say what CRM you are using.

    Others who don’t, I am thinking they are either tracked in your website (in which case what CMS are you using) or you just manage them via email or you don’t have really any way of knowing. Either way I would love to know.

    The reason I am asking is I am working on a system to send businesses a PDF report on their website each month. it will include the traditional webstats but will also include other useful data that you don’t often find in webstat reports. One such piece of data will be the leads that have come into your business (ideally either via the website or any other means) and I want to get an idea of what people are using to see what we can look at integrating with. The 3 that spring to mind are Sugar, Salesforce and Capsule but that’s just based on me looking around and what we use (Sugar).

    BTW the system will be free and will be released in beta shortly (without the lead table).

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    I’m using Sugar CRM to track marketing effort and leads.

    I also use mind maps to keep track of these leads and associated activities / quotes – this works for me when I’m offline / away from my server.


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    A good ERP system handles CRM right through to invoice, inventory and payments then reports on the lot .. including sales pipeline etc.

    Many different independent systems will not work as well as one centralized system that tracks all data .. from marketing contact – lead – quote – order – supply – invoice – payment and from there you should establish an ongoing contact with your customers to encourage continued sales.

    We can take the CRM from the website and have it populate .. automatically .. the contacts list in the ERP package. From there individual sales people can mine this data base .. or can be automatically notified of the new lead .. and from there hopefully they close a sale. The success rates .. both financial and closing rates .. are tracked and a report is available anytime since this system is live and has a date range for reports.

    Just my 2 cents worth .. Cheers all !

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    We use Microsoft CRM for a few simple reasons:

    a) It by far has the best integration with Active Directory, Outlook and our Accounting System.
    b) All emails (sent and received – even by our Blackberry’s/iPhone’s/Windows Mobiles) are all tracked automatically.
    c) MS CRM has almost unlimited customisation and workflow capability with plenty of high quality developers available.
    d) Has a Web Interface accessible over SSL

    It’s also relatively cheap long term by comparison to many of the SaaS products that offer similar functionality.

    We’ve been looking at CRM On-line as part of BPOS for clients and it’s quite well priced but there are some drawbacks to the hosted version and that is the integration options are limited so for us it’s show stopper.

    I’m also have to admit I’m impressed by Sugar CRM.


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    Sounds awesome mate. I’m actually working on something similar based almost-solely on Google Analytics data, so it may be interesting to someday see how they play together.

    Good luck with that.

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    Hi guys thanks for the replies. I work next to MR CRM who specialise in the Microsoft CRM – I was just chatting to them yesterday.

    Jexley thanks for your reply, when yours is up let me know I’m keen to check it out. We are using ours for our own clients now (about 150 or so) but I am just making changes to it to enable others to use it as well. It integrates with cPanel for bandwidth / disk space data and AWStats or Google Analytics for web stats, Yahoo Site Explorer for site in-links, Siteuptime.com for sever uptime monitoring etc. The next step is a CRM and from there I’m keen to look at online accounting sofrware integration (Xero / MYOB live etc). I also want to set it up so that other companies can manage their own clients on the system and send branded reports to them. We’ll see how it goes, its early days and its a bit of a side project at the moment.

    ERPSpecialist thanks, it sounds good I know nothing about ERP I think I need to learn more!

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    G-day .. no worries ..

    You actually do know alot about ERP .. simply put .. it is CRM,MRP,Accounting etc .. all business processes .. Everything you know now all contained in one application and one database. There is no need for all of these individual applications that don’t communicate well with each other and are expensive to maintain.

    ERP is to your business .. like MYOB type packages were to accounting years ago… Essential to operate at maximum efficiency.

    Cheers ..

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