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    HI everyone, any ideas on where to start. My daughter has over $70,000 unique womens fashion clothing, all in silk or cotton, to off load. That amount is what we paid to design and make them. The physical store closed in Surry Hills when all the light rail construction went through and we have placed all stock in storage in lavender and cedar. She then took a position in London but now getting married in December, and not returning to Aus. I really need to sell off the whole lot or in several lots. I will be in Sydney from October 23rd and hope to start this process.

    Any suggestions of where I begin? going around to retailers? going straight to wholesalers in Surry Hills? We will have to let all the stock go below cost, more or less a fire sale, and hope to move all In October/November at whatever a retailer or small business person is prepared to pay. You can check out some of the stock online at Marogshi.com. There is much more that hasn’t been photographed.

    I can be reached at sheila.sarra@gmail.com

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    Hi Sheila,

    I notice you have an online store as well as facebook.
    You might be able to have a facebook online marketing sale and get rid of it all over the Boxing Day sales?

    You know when you are browsing facebook or instagram and that one in a million image appears and you just HAVE to have it!? It happens to me all the time !:)

    All you need is that one in a million photo for your clothing and they will sell like hot cakes if you put them on sale with BUY NOW – and Free Shipping

    I assume you ship Australia wide, therefore you can run your marketing campaign Australia wide – that’s a pretty big audience.

    Good luck selling it all.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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