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    Shes Got You Sorted
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    Lucinda Lions, post: 224795, member: 5507 wrote:
    Hey Sharon, Jayne kindly told me about this thread. Thank you so much for your lovely words. You’ve made my day! :)

    Well it’s all true. xx

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    Stuart B, post: 223761, member: 10757 wrote:
    Hey guys, I’m doing some research for another set of videos on my website and wanted to ask around here…

    When you started your business, what were the businesses you needed to get you started?

    I know from my own experience my first port of call were…

    • My accountant (for company setup and general advice)
    • A printer (for business cards, letterhead etc)
    • A lawyer (for legal docs, contracts etc)
    • IP Australia (for trademarks)

    If I didn’t have the skills in-house I would have also had to connect with…

    • A graphic designer (logos / branding)
    • A web designer for the website

    So I’m interested in what businesses YOU needed to work with in order to get your business started?

    Hey Stuart!

    We needed very little! A programmer and designer (but we have them) – for building our own content management system, and designing our sites. does it not count if these skills are in-house?

    However, also, an web-application platform (for running the systems I build “in the cloud”), an online storage solution (Amazon), a domain registraar for registering domain names, an email host, etc.

    Our business is online, though, so I guess it makes sense that we needed very little.

    We also have two “mentors”… though they have done different types of businesses to ours, so they have varying degrees of useful advice for us. I think mentors help a *lot*.

    Kelly Exeter FS Editor
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    Definitely a great bookkeeper! Staying on top of financials was the one thing that I really struggled with in the early years and when I finally handed that side of things over to a bookkeeper – BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

    Being a designer I could, of course, do all the logo/branding/design side of things myself but if I wasn’t a designer, I would have definitely outsourced that from the start as I feel going to market with a sub-standard brand does a lot of harm. You only ever get one chance to make a great first impression!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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