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    Mama bear
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    im toying with different ideas of what I want to start a business in. I’m so passionate about owning a business just not sure what!
    Would it be better to buy a business already running?
    Anyway my question, one of my ideas is toddler pajamas. I don’t want character ones or anything but sweet ones even organic cotton or bamboo etc. where do I find wholesalers?? I have a talented mother in law who sews but I think that would work out more expensive??

    Jason Ramage
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    Any advice i provide anyone wanting to start a business is to vigorously pursue your business idea once you know what it is. Now that may sound a little strange, although you can spend many hours researching many variables to an idea and if you start this research stage before committing to an idea you could potentially burn your enthusiasm rather quickly.

    Example: considering importing runners, only considering as have other potential ideas, i commence to request information from all potential vendors only to realise i am not really in the position to outlay the dollars required or have the space to commence. In this situation, understanding the latter being space and $$ would be more vital than requesting information from vendors :(

    That being said, maybe give us an insight into what you have done already to locate suppliers so people dont double up on what you already know.

    Potential places: Alibaba, eBay, etc. If you want local clothing, maybe hit the markets and check on local hand made products and see if they want to collaborate with you in some way – instead of mother in law.

    Look forward to seeing other replies and where you get to :)

    Jason Ramage | Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd | E: hello@lucasarthur.net.au   P: 61 3 8324 0344    M: 61 412 244 888
    Mama bear
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    To be honest I haven’t looked hard at suppliers as I don’t know where to start! I did think of eBay, but wasn’t sure if you can buy stock off there then resell it in your business??
    I have thought of local too but would probably rather use my mother in law instead as it would cost too much local. I guess I could use both though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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