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    Hi Members

    I work as freelance translator and interpreter and I would like to know whose fault is is in the following scenario:

    1. The agent asks me to translate a document and obtain an affidavit as a matter or urgency.

    2. The affidavit prepared by the client has only the last page requiring me to sign in front of a solicitor.

    3. So I assume that only the last page need to be signed and executed.

    4. So I get the last page executed & witnessed by a solicitor and send it back to the agent.

    5. The agent gets back to me saying that the affidavit has been wrongly executed saying that the other pages have not been executed and sends a new amended affidavit showing where the signatures have to be.

    So is it my responsibility to get the new document executed by a solicitor again? Or is it the solicitor who executed my signature at fault?

    I have to make a few phone calls to local solicitors to see if someone is available. Not many solicitors like doing this as this is something they can’t charge. If it’s something they can’t charge, do they have an obligation to check properly as the original client suggest?

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    The agent, he should have had all pages clearly showing that they needed to be executed

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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