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    hi everyone here in flying solo

    I have been seeing lots of information about support for starting & building business in this forum

    I am very happy to get into this type of forum where is every body is benefited & most of us are like minded(ie, willing to grow ourself & others)

    I am willing to start a import & export business having a little information & no experience
    and expecting someone will help in letting me know how & where to start with?

    my basic background is Trades person working in automobile industries since 2 decades
    with enough willingness to start a business since 10years but hoping to start asap

    so I would like to get any comments, suggestions, information or mentoring which would be a favour to go with my import & export business here in Melbourne

    I would like to thank for any sort of help from anyone in starting my business

    thankyou all for being in this forum & helping many to grow


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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