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    Has any other online seller integrated this FedEx plugin for their international shipping?

    I am trying to configure mine to give a flat rate for International economy and Priority, but as the base country can only be the US or Canada, I assume this won’t work.

    Does anyone have previous experience with this plugin and can you add any tips or advice?

    (Yes I have been onto Youtube and watched the tutorials)

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    Howdy MAR {name?}

    Hope you are well…

    Are you using the official FEDEX plugin? have you bought it?

    Couple queries… is your shop Australian Based? and what currency is it set up for?

    Reason i ask is relevant, this official fedex plugin needs the shop to be US or CANADA based and can only accept US or Canadian DOLLARS… i am not sure you will be able to work around this if its a Australia Site!

    Check pic or go to the Woo plugins page to check..

    Apologies if you are referencing another plugin, although this was the only one i could locate..


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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