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    Hi Everyone,

    I am very interested in getting some perspective on our website. I have been doing this business for ten years and as a business person I write an excellent resume or tender document. The rest is still a learning process. This includes the online process. I have invested time, money, energy and research to get as far as I have online.

    Our site: http://www.writingwizards.com.au

    I have been established for a long time and invest in a lot of SEO type activity including:

    – article writing
    – facebook / twitter
    – adwords
    – email marketing
    – forum posting in our field

    1. What needs reviewing? (i.e. logo, website, idea etc…)
    Anything with the website but especially the ecommerce side of it, though really am open to suggestions.

    2. What does your business do?
    Professional writing – job applications of all types, tender documents, management systems, business plans and almost anything else you can think of, although decided not to write a speech for the father of the bride at a wedding.

    3. Who is your target market?
    Jobseekers – two types of customer one who seeks general guidance ie template sales and one who has limited time or knowledge – full service
    Business people / owners – can provide more specifics if required

    4. What specific concerns do you have?
    We do really well locally, but mostly word of mouth. Our recently launched ecommerce component is not performing as good as it could be. I am worried the site content is not converting traffic to sales.

    Our goal is to extend beyond our local market and diversify income streams through online sales. We have more online products to come.

    I have read a lot of posts on this forum and respect the wide, varied and informed views presented here.

    I have a thick skin…..



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    Hi John,

    I’m not a web or copyright expert so please take my advice with a grain of salt.

    Firstly – I like how your website looks. I thought it was nice and clean and tidy.

    Is the purpose of your website to sell your templates or to sell your wider services? I don’t think you’ll be able to get a website to do both well. Given your OP I’ll give you my opinion based on wanting to sell more templates. Maybe you could set up another site on a different URL focused on generating sales for the other aspect (I’m thinking of doing something similar to this approach as some of my services might appeal to a different market than the main ones – and I’ve seen a number of my competitors who do the same thing – two obviously identical companies and services but pushed in a different way to appeal to different markets).

    1. It wasn’t obvious to me when I was on the home page that you sold templates online. It didn’t jump out and grab me. Maybe try moving your buttons on the right above the news and changing the colour of the templates button to something that grabs the attention a bit more (like the green of the button at the bottom).

    2. Consider re-wording your menu titles. To me it looks like you cater to business copywriting and helping HR departments draft position descriptions and the like. The Human Resources title doesn’t inspire me to hunt further if I am after a resume. Also, if this is the main thing you want the site to sell for you, move it to the first menu item from the left (after home). I know I tend to review sites by starting at the left of the menu bar (when it is at the top) and move my way across. I would suspect that people looking for a drafted resume template are likely to be in a rush and won’t want to spend a lot of time on each site.

    3. Your resume template page is a bit wordy. I opened it and went “Do I really need to read all this?” (see comment above about rushed). Maybe see if you can simplify it a little – and find a way to make it really stand out why I should buy your templates rather than getting a freebie off Microsoft.

    All of that is just my random opinion and I’m sure others will have advice for you on copy and seo and the like.


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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your feedback, some things there I had not considered. In relation to the separate site that was something I really struggled with. We have an advantage in that our domain name has been around a long time however I see advantages to a dedicated site as well.

    Not sure if this is any indication but on Facebook we established a second page just for the Professional Resume Templates. This page has in a short period of time, far exceeded our main page in terms of likes.

    Thanks for your input.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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