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    Hey Guys,
    I thought that I would share our recent experience with setting up Xero for both our business and shopping cart, in the hope that someone will find this information useful. We really struggled to find someone both affordable and reliable (mostly affordable because things are a little tough for us right now)

    We decided to move to Xero because from what we had read, there were really only two packages that looked to be a suitable match for both us and our business. Both had decent reviews and those were Xero and Saasu.

    Saasu was probably the better of the two (that we preferred because of the more functional inventory) but unfortunately, the only one that had support for our shopping cart (CS-Cart) was Xero, so in the end, there wasn’t really any choice at all but to go with Xero (or double handle data and go with Saasu)

    We had no clue what we needed to do to have it all setup however, and so this forum was the first place we turned to. Often when we need things, we’ll come here and search in the hope that someone, somewhere has had the same issue and had it answered before.

    We needed help converting our existing database from MYOB to Xero and we needed help to integrate Xero with our shopping cart and on top of that, we needed to learn the new system!

    We found a couple of resources here for Xero that were excellent, but way out of our price range.

    Anyway, while complaining to my neighbor about the costs of setting up Xero, he mentioned one of his wife’s friends knew a Xero consultant. So I asked him if he could chase up their number. A week later we have the phone number of EMB Solutions and they did a great job for us. Drop me a note if you’d like their details.

    We wish you well with your Xero conversion! It was good to get away from MYOB.

    Motion Dynamics Australia

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