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    Please review my website. I would like feedback on anything. However the following 2 points, I am most interested in.
    1. The Concept of the website
    2. The website itself.

    The Website

    The Concept
    This website is based on a simple extension of the concept behind yellow pages. It is essentially a directory of products and businesses, with the additional information on price. It also allows buyers to communicate with vendors.

    Options for Buyers
    The following options are available to buyers.

    • Search for products by location, price etc
    • Communicate with vendors. Request additional information on product, request discounts etc.
    • Request the product to be placed on hold.
    • Request a Lay-by arrangement.
    • Make an outright purchase.

    The main advantage of this site is that a buyer can compare the products across shops, based on price and quality of the product.

    Cost of Service
    It’s totally free for buyers.
    Vendors pay for this service.



    Robert Gerrish
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    Hi there

    I was surprised to come across this post and see it with no replies. Then I visited the site you have listed and see why!

    Where to start? The site is not at all user-friendly, being hard to navigate, slow to load and very unclear.

    If there is a good concept here, it’s very hard to see. I suggest that the site rrequires massive simplification.

    The ‘idea’ appears sound, but the execution is way off.

    In a nutshell and IMHO the site needs precisely what Google gave the world of search engines when it came onto the scene.

    Sorry I cannot offer anything constructive.


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    – you offer food, fuel and clothing in 1 website (you will be better off with multiple websites)
    – the website loads slow
    – the website is very confusing
    – the domain is not congruent with what you will find on the website

    These are some points to get you started

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    I just tried using your site to look up things in Australia. When I selected Australia and Queensland it kept jumping around and then taking me back to red dresses (which I hadn’t searched for) that only shipped in the USA…

    Firstly, you need to sort out your search function because if it acts for other people the way it did for me then you will lose business.

    Secondly, you need a section to say how your site works. Introduce the concept and give people information on how to find what they’re looking for.

    Normally I would be a lot less blunt with my suggestions, but after three goes at the search function with it jumping around and taking me somewhere completely different to what I wanted I’m actually in a really bad mood, and that is going to reflect really badly on your service, which is a great concept by the way.



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