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    My mother’s car broke down in the Brisbane CBD at 7 am on a Monday morning. Now there’s a stress test you can’t pay for at the Wesley Hospital! The automobile club were dutifully telephoned, and as expected there was a delay. After a short while, the roadside assist mechanic arrives, checks for the basics, only to conclude the vehicle will need towing.

    After three hours of standing in the heat, pent up frustration and umpteen telephone calls to Colin on the customer service hotline; the suggestion is made to speak with the automobile club’s customer service supervisor to escalate the lack of response by a tow truck.

    Supervisor-Chris states Monday mornings are always hectic because there are so many vehicles requiring towing after the weekend breakdowns. “Well, if you know this to be the case wouldn’t you increase the number of towing vehicles available for this period?”

    “How could we run a business like that? We would never make any money!”

    My favorite coffee shop rosters additional staff during peak periods to provide excellent customer service and ensure prompt delivery of sales. Which is why so many coffee-connoisseurs frequent that particular establishment. You never grow a successful business by cutting costs!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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