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13 inspiring women share their #1 tip for small business success

- September 6, 2020 3 MIN READ

A massive 35% of Australia’s GDP is attributed to small business and women in particular are creating successful new ventures at a rapid pace. According to the ABS, Australia has seen a 46% increase in the number of women running small businesses over the last two decades.

At Flying Solo, nearly 60% of our audience are women and half of those are also managing a household of children aged under 15. 

From my many interviews with inspiring small business owners, I can tell you women are creating a wide range of successful and innovative businesses that offer dynamic products and services that meet human needs in a unique way. 


I also know their success strategies are gold for our members just starting out. 

Luckily our community is also generous when asked for advice. Here is the result of a call I put out to 12 active female members to share their #1 tip for small business success.

Jo Burston, founder of Inspiring Rare Birds

“A trusted and solid right hand person in your business (EA/PA) that has skills and talents that are sometimes diametrically opposite to the strengths of the Founder or CEO, however has strong commercial savvy and exceptional team and people skills, including stakeholder skills. That person is my sounding board and voice of reason during many challenges and wins. Their remit is to protect and support the founder and always look at the best interests of the company and it’s talent. “

Kate Dezarnauldis, founder of  

1) Pay for good help

2) Pros and cons lists for every big decision then scrunch them up and make the call based on gut feel

Kate Christie, founder of Time Stylers 

“I swear by routine and rituals – they help keep me focussed, ensure that I use all of my time well and centre me when things go off track.”

Catherine Bell, founder of Bell Training Group

“I can’t live without my sturdy hard-shell overnight bag on wheels for business. It fits my laptop, projector and papers for a meeting in the city, and doubles as a perfect overnight bag which can take everything I need for a overnight stay interstate and fits in an overhead locker for a quick getaway from the airport! I use it nearly every week and it’s never let me down.”

Karen Hollenbach, founder of Think Bespoke,

“Surround yourself with people who know more than you do! Do the work. Go after the thing that scares you most.”

Tori Kopke, founder of The Rural Business Coach

“A5 notebooks, they fit in every clutch and bag I own. ready to write down ideas or notes from a client call. Trello- a solid project management system is crucial for success. I  also love affirmation cards!”

Annette Densham, founder of Publicity Genie

“A business coach, time for self care, a good accountant.”

Katrina McCarter, founder of Marketing To Mums

“An accountability and advisory group.  I am in an accountability and advisory group of four incredibly driven and very honest business women. We are all experienced business owners who meet monthly to hold each other accountable for meeting our objectives and we provide a safe, confidential place to ask for advice, introductions and counsel.”

Carrie Kwan, founder of Mums & Co

“Productivity tools like slack, Trello, great wifi and iPhone Mums & Co Membership for access to a business expert community! A talented team that trusts each other! I could go on…”

Yvette Mayer,  founder of Lit Up & Liberated 

“Embrace tech automation, even if you have challenges, the pay off is well worth it!”

Fiona Hamann, founder of Hamann Communications

“A strong and extensive professional network to find out about work coming up and for recommendations. I am active on LinkedIn, and I also pay to be listed with the Freelance Collective and pay the Patreon membership for the Freelance Jungle, as well as paid subscriptions to a couple of government tender sites.”

Sarah Nelson, founder of Sarah Nelson Advisory

“Absolutely balance – sleep, exercise, a creative outlet, a ritual or a space of absolute freedom and release (many other aspects of a busy successful life are based in compromise so it’s nice to know the compartments and the moments where freedom reign! Swimming in the ocean, reading non-fiction, sleep!”

Lisa Forrest, founder of Evermind

“A husband that believes in what you’re doing and always on the look out to take you out dancing (or since the pandemic turn the lounge room into a dance floor) before you’re ready to admit you need it. The belief that the breath is your best ally. Self-compassion – or the ability to get on your own side by seeing the big picture, framing mistakes as human and looking on the bright or funny side. Good chocolate.”