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5 ways to add meaning to your life

- September 18, 2020 2 MIN READ

Quite often in coaching sessions, the topic of ‘Meaning’ comes up. Sometimes it’s eluded to, other times it’s spoken about directly. It might be a question: What is it, exactly? A want – for more meaningful work or relationships. Or it might become a discussion about what’s meaningful in a client’s life right now.

If meaning is on your mind, have a look at these five areas to inspire more meaning in your days.

  1. People. Your family, your friends, your communities. Close relationships are the greatest source of life meaning for most people. Prioritise time for your relationships and focus on really being present when you’re together. Nurture those relationships where you feel truly seen and heard and where you do this for others. Support family and friends in need and seek their support when you’re in need. This cycle of care and reciprocation is a lovely way to enhance your connection and manage life’s challenges.
  2. Interests. There’s a chance your outside-of-work interests are creative. Perhaps you like to write, paint, sew or build. As well as making time and space for your creativity, you might like to share your efforts and expression. Whether it’s publishing a poem on Instagram, gifting a dress you made, or showing a painting to a workmate. Sharing your creation will enhance your connection to the person you’re sharing it with; as well as deepen the connection to your own creative spirit and  identity.
  3. Nature. Experiencing nature in some way each day is so nourishing – a chance to refresh your body and thoughts. The awe and wonder of nature can help boost your joy, diminish small worries, and create perspective and gratitude. You could take a mindful walk and savour the birdsong, scents, air and sky. Witness the cycle of the day by watching the sun rise or set or gaze at the moon and stars.
  4. Contribution. Though easy to forget, you achieve lots of things each and every day. Whether it’s helping your child learn something new, cooking a nutritious meal for your partner or giving a friend some advice. Take a moment today to acknowledge your capacities, commitment and service. With work, if it isn’t as meaningful as you’d like, you could try a few things to create more meaning: 1. Take on projects or tasks that match your skills and interests. 2. Build helpful and joyful relationships with colleagues. 3. Think about how the service or product you work on helps improve people’s lives. If you’d like to give back in another way, you could volunteer for a cause or organisation that’s meaningful to you.
  5. Journey. Whether you’re recovering from a setback, developing your personal or professional capacities, or applying your curiosity to whatever it is that excites you… Your personal growth journey is unique and precious. Don’t diminish it. Continue to encourage yourself by looking at how far you’ve come – in a role, a relationship, with your mindset. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do to expand your sense of self, take a small step towards it this week.    

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