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Business and personal life balance

- September 14, 2005 2 MIN READ

Working in your own business and having a personal life is all about balance and education. Not just educating yourself, but educating your friends and family that what you do is just as important as any other job.

When I changed careers and became a freelance journalist/writer I decided to write about what I knew and that was motorsport. I had been a competitor for many years and I had just become a qualified journalist. I knew that motorsport would take me away from my husband for numerous weekends a year.

During the weekdays I was writing and selling articles to whichever publication would buy them.

Harmony and understanding were both exceptionally important to me, so I used a bit of common sense and sat down with my husband and discussed the changes that were inevitable.

I wouldn’t always be there to cook meals; the house may not be as tidy as it had always been and other chores may not be done as regularly. If I was working in the office and was on a short deadline I couldn’t stop to cook. I voiced what I had been thinking; our lives would never be the same again.

I was a motorsport writer for seven years and relinquished it when my writing and editing consultancy started to be more demanding.

My husband has been and still is my strength. He’s a great help and can cook, clean the house, do the washing and ironing. We recently moved to a new house on a one acre block so I’ve learnt to use the ride on lawn mower and do all sorts of manual jobs I’ve never done before. We share the chores now, so we have more time together to relax or socialise.

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I believe you should discuss your dreams and expectations about your solo career as quickly as possible with your partner and family and sort out any apprehensions before they become problems.

As for friends and family, make sure you tell them when they can visit, and that you would prefer them to telephone first just in case you’re working on a project you cannot leave. Although you may work from home, it doesn’t mean you are accessible whenever someone wants morning tea.

If you take yourself seriously, so will everyone else.