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Words of wisdom: The things people say

Simple, memorable words of wisdom can come from anywhere. Here are some personal favourites.


“It’s just a snapshot”

These little words of wisdom was delivered by John-Paul, Sam’s other half. I’ll wager he doesn’t remember.

It was a Sunday and en route to Sam’s for tea and biscuits, the Gerrish family stopped for a swim. I was horrified to see a man doing serious paperwork on the beach while his kids played in the sand. “How ridiculous!” I recounted to JP.

His response was short and spot on. I knew nothing of this man’s true situation and it was unfair to assume this activity was typical.

“Well I’m glad YOU are alright!”

Please read this one aloud and make it sound sarcastic. That’s how I heard it and rightly so.

"Have you got some words of wisdom that stick with you? Let’s hear them."

In 2000, in the midst of a telephone call with a wonderful man, Thomas Leonard, the shrill noise of a passing ambulance disturbed our conversation.

“Don’t worry, I’m okay!” I quipped, not stopping for a second to think of the poor person the ambulance was on its way to. Thomas’s response has never left me.

“Is that really what you want?”

I can’t recall the name of the female author who uses these words of wisdom on her children whenever they say something self-defeating or negative.

I repeat it to myself whenever my inner critic pops up, swiftly followed by “No I don’t, so bugger off.”

So, have you got some words of wisdom that stick with you? Let’s hear them.

Robert Gerrish

is the founder of Flying Solo and helps soloists stay upbeat and energised. He’s recently published The 1-Minute Commute, is a presenter and facilitator and works one-on-one with those needing a refresh. Find out more about his skills and services and his Olympus Trip 35 camera side hustle or connect on LinkedIn.


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