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Feeling a bit sh*t? The open-up ‘keep trying’ edition

- April 15, 2020 3 MIN READ

Look, it’s been a while since I’ve done Feeling A Bit Sh*t, partly because things have been sh*t for so many people and it’s not something to be made light of. And partly because I have been distracted. But there is no time like the present to launch into a fresh episode of this bolstering favourite. Let’s do that …

1/ I have a new motto.

A motto is not just for sports teams or sorority houses (are they for sorority houses? We don’t have them here, so I don’t actually know.) Anyway … my motto. It is new and it’s actually pieced together from two sentences I misheard in a YouTube reading of a poem by Joe Brainard.

In Joe’s poem Autobiography he wrote – “What I want most is to open up. I keep trying.”

I heard – “Open up. Keep trying.”

So that is my new motto.

“Open up. Keep trying.”

You can have it as your motto too, if you want. It’s totally non-sh*t, don’t you think?

2/ Convenience store cats

Who knew that some geniuses have been documenting cats who live in busy shops? It’s honestly the cutes thing. Cats are so nuts, aren’t they?

3/ Skillshare online classes

There are heaps of classes you can take and brushing-up on or learning new skills is always a non-sh*t idea. Choose from things like illustration, children’s book writing, film making, graphic design, photography and much, much more.

4/ The Biggest Little Farm is on YouTube for rent now!

I loved watching this movie!!! Have you seen it? It’s excellent. There are a couple of sad bits in it, but I still wholeheartedly recommend it because it’s about growth and perseverance, things that seem top of mind right now.

5/ Dinner on the driveway is a thing

This is such a cute idea. I saw a ‘drinks in the driveway’ report on the ABC a little while ago, and it seems people are going all in and having dinner in their driveway too. It’s sort of like having a family meal in the world’s roomiest restaurant … with bonus trees and things.

This seems to me to be a guaranteed way to lift mood, shake up boring routines and delight passersby (and yourself/your gang). The gloves are well and truly off thanks to the pandemic, with people putting their bins out in evening gowns and rainbow-ing or teddy bear-ing their homes. Perhaps you want to driveway dine and take your pandemic positivity to the next level? (If you feel like being positive. Perhaps you don’t and that is totally understandable and just ignore me.)

6/ Love at first sight

“Best. Video. Ever! Just found this of when we bought our goose George a girlfriend called Florence & it was love at first sight ?? — Dolitics (@dollytheis) February 20, 2020

7/ Potatoes are still allowed!

Phew. These are Smitten Kitchen’s Crispy Crumbled Potatoes and I’m excited about them.

8/  Julia Louis-Dreyfus does her own glam

I think we can all agree this turned out pretty great?

9/ Shop tiny

I can’t stop looking at this tiny house real estate site. Sometimes I imagine spending my golden years in one of these, parked on someone’s busy-beachy land somewhere.

10/ Help for healthcare workers

There are initiatives popping up to support some of those on the frontline and our healthcare workers have been a popular and deserving focus of some of theseAdopt A Healthcare Worker connects us to local doctors, nurses and the like. You can find out what these legends need help with and put your hand up to give them a hand. Take a peek at Facebook and search for Adopt A Healthcare Worker in your state. Here’s the one for Victoria.

In New York Frontline Foodtrucks are positioning themselves outside hospitals and feeding medical professionals delicious and healthy food to keep them fuelled up. Many other brilliant organisations are doing similar excellent things.

(Related – Donate to Meals on Wheels in your area, if you possibly can. They’re under more pressure than ever and are trying to support the elderly and vulnerable during these tricky times.)

Hope you are managing okay! See you back here very soon.

x Pip

This post was written by Pip Lincolne for Meet Me At Mikes & is republished here with permission. 

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