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Are insecurity and self-doubt holding you back from success in business

- September 16, 2021 3 MIN READ
self doubt and insecurity

“Without a doubt. The number one performance inhibitor on life, as in business, is unresolved insecurity and it gets worse the further we advance in our adult years,” says Jaemin Frazer, life coach and insecurity expert.

Jaemin tells Flying Solo that this imposter syndrome can be detrimental to business growth and inhibit success.

“It’s a fear of being found out. That you’re not good enough, not worthy. And somehow this fear of inadequacy undermines all progress in the things that matter most. In business, the costs can be dramatic, it can weaken your sense of certainty. It can cause you to undervalue your products and services. It can lead to reduced motivation. It can cause unrealised potential and ultimately, it creates massive inefficiencies in all that you do.”

As an insecurity expert, Jaemin says these fears are best-met head-on and with the right mindset you can manage them to allow growth.

“You know, I think when most people talk about insecurity, they suggest the best you can do is manage it. [But] I’m convinced that this is a problem that can be solved and certainly everything I’ve worked towards in my life, suggests that’s true. There are essential practices that can solve this problem for good.”

Jaemin believes tackling insecurity is great for your mental health. Silencing those inner critics can be the first step in improving your self-worth. Asked what  people can do to face off against these fears, he offers a Star Wars quote:

“The most important tip to give in terms of helping people start down that road is simply some wisdom from Yoda: ‘Named must your fear be, before banish it you can’.

“While you might think you’re afraid of failing or being rejected it’s always the personalisation of those things that you are most afraid of.

“If you were to fail or to be rejected, what would that make you feel about you as a human? That you are a failure- that you are not worthy of love. See, that’s what we’re ultimately most afraid of – our own opinion of ourselves. So, if you can frame the problem like that, that insecurity is the problem of our own opinion of ourselves – then you’re in the game. Opinions are the lowest form of knowing anything and therefore the easiest things to solve and the easiest things to change.”

Jaemin will be putting all his life coaching and insecurity expertise to the test next month when he takes part in Cuppa’s mental health lunch and learn series.

“So the lunch and learn series about mental health, which I have been invited to be a part of, my intention is to build a roadmap for how you can solve this problem for good. So that you can show up how at your best, where it matters most unhindered by doubt, fear and insecurity. If you don’t, it dramatically weakens your mental health.

Jaemin says if you have unresolved insecurity, then all your energy is directed toward defending yourself or protecting yourself.

“That’s a lot of waste. That’s a lot of chatter. That’s a lot of noise in your mind, weakening your sense of self and weakening your mental health. Insecurity is a problem that can get solved and I’d love the opportunity to show you how.

In support of Mental Health Awareness Month in October, Cuppa has curated 4 incredible sessions with wellbeing experts. Each interactive session is 60 minutes in length and will support your team in understanding their emotions, anxieties, insecurities and why connection is critical. You can sign up for Cuppa’s Lunch and Learn mental health series here.

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