Boredom Busters: Fun family activities to add to your daily routine

- September 7, 2021 3 MIN READ
boredom busters

If lockdown life is getting you and your family down, it’s time to ditch the devices and shake up your routine with these boredom-busting activities, writes Heid Rosenberg.

Try these six boredom busters now

Masterchef together: Cook or Bake

Bake or cook your desserts and favourite foods together as a family. Baking or cooking together unifies you and your family. Kids and parents both learn how to be patient. You can also seize the opportunity to teach your children how to eat healthy food and enlighten them on the importance of nutrition (well you can try!).

A vege patch from scraps

Why don’t you replenish some of your vegetables instead of throwing them in the trash? You can turn this cooking activity into an easy home-gardening action by replanting your vegetables from the cooking scrasp. Your children can learn how plants grow; this can be done by showing them how plants germinate using indoor grow tents. You can order indoor grow tents online, show the children how to plant some vegetables and flowers with the grow tents. It will give them more knowledge on how lights and water are big factors for plant growth.

Have fun and play

A family that plays together stays together. Games can be as simple or as complex as you like. Break out the Uno for a family tournament, unpack the Monopoly Board. Make your own game of Snakes and Ladders or try your hand at hide and seek. Or try playing games that require teamwork and collaboration if you’ve got more time and feel creative.

Arts and crafts

Introduce your kids to arts and craft and not only will you help them stay focused, but also give them creative wings. Creativity should be promoted in all forms in young children; and a great way to do this is through art and crafts. The right arts and crafts project can keep them busy for hours while inspiring long-lasting creativity. This will increase children’s focus, concentration, and passion. Start with simple projects to encourage them to continue to hone their skills.

Advance your language skills

Ever wanted to learn a new language. Lockdown could be the perfect. time. You can learn new vocabulary and languages together through a daily conversation. Your English skills have already been mastered so why not expand your perspective by learning new languages, like Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese or Korean. You can get started for free with apps like duolingo.

Clean and declutter

Cleaning your house is one way to keep your entire family engaged during the middle of the pandemic. While it right not sound like much fun it’s all about how you shape your activities. Get the kids on mop and bucket duty, set up a cleaning relay, use timers and rewards, have a tidy up hunt. Use your imagination and make cleaning fun.


Playing games and doing activities together will not only ease your boredom but increase feelings of connectedness with your family. And while there is a time and place to kick back in front of devices or the TV, don’t forget it’s just as important to engage your body and mind in activities to relax too. Head outside for a walk, kick a ball in the park, go for a run, make your own scavenger hunt and involve the kids.  get active as a family and you’ll feel the benefits.

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