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How to boost energy in your workplace to improve performance

- October 3, 2022 3 MIN READ
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A happy, caring and vibrant work culture not only improves employee wellbeing, it increases workers’ motivation and productivity too, writes productivity coach Chelsea Pottenger. Optimising your team’s energy will improve individual and business performance.

Here are Chelsea’s top four ways to optimise energy in your workplace.

1. Get your sweat on

One of the best ways to boost mood, increase energy and enhance alertness is by moving your body. If you are sitting at a desk, looking at a screen all day, your brain will likely become foggy and your body fatigued.

When you take a lunch break from screens and get your blood pumping, your afternoon productivity will go up – say goodbye to the 3pm slump!

Not only does exercise feed the brain by keeping blood, glucose and oxygen levels high, it also releases endorphins (the feel good chemicals).

Moving more can be as simple as encouraging your team to go for a walk instead of eating lunch at their desk.

If it works for your business, you could also offer a series of lunch time programs. These give your employees more options to move their body during the lunch break. Programs on offer could be yoga, boxing, Pilates, a run club or just a simple team walk in the park.

2. Cut meeting times

Meetings are important; they outline action plans, delegate tasks and bring teams together. However, they can also quickly absorb all the hours of the work day.

People often get side-tracked or arrive at meetings unprepared, leading to needing another meeting.

In our corporate workshops and surveys, the number-one trend I have come across that causes workplace stress is meetings and the amount of time they can take away from the day.

Donna McGeorge, author of The 25 Minute Meeting: Half the Time, Double the Impact, says the ideal meeting time is 25 minutes. This timeframe is inspired by Francesco Cirillo’s ‘Pomodoro’ method, which states that 25 minutes is the optimal amount of time for people to focus.

Aim to keep meetings under 30 minutes. If you need longer, pre-warn your team. I find it helpful to colour-code meetings so that everyone is aware of the time block: green indicates a 15-minute meeting, yellow indicates 30 minutes and blue indicates 60 minutes.

 Tips for keeping meetings short and sharp:

  1. Outline a clear agenda in advance
  2. Make sure attendees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them
  3. Change default meeting lengths from one hour to 15 minutes.
  4. Don’t allow personal tech in the room (or implement a hands-off phones rule).
  5. Schedule breaks for longer meetings

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 3. Change your surroundings

Our environment plays a huge role in our energy levels. A clean, open space with natural lighting, greenery and the option to stand can significantly optimise energy in the workplace. It increases workers’ mood, productivity and overall energy.

Natural lighting: Research done by Cornell University’s department of design and environment found that workers had an 84 per cent drop in eye strain, headaches and blurred vision when exposed to natural light, increasing their overall energy at work.

Declutter: Statistics show that a clean desk increases productivity and energy by 84 per cent. A cluttered workspace can lead to emotional distress, in turn leading to a lack of motivation and low energy levels.

Consider standing desks: In a seven-week study, workers who used standing desks said they had less stress and fatigue than workers who stayed seated. Furthermore, 87 per cent of workers who used standing desks showed increased energy throughout the day.

4. Organise social events

Offices and companies who plan more events, retreats and activities are more efficient than those who don’t. Having events booked keeps the workplace morale high and engages employees to stay motivated. Furthermore, celebrating employees’ birthdays is another simple way to make workers feel special and cared for.

Ways to incorporate more social events into your office calendar could include: Friday team lunch, morning run club, movie night, attending a comedy show after work or group yoga.

There are so many ways you can enhance the energy of your workplace. If you and your team have greater energy you will be more motivated, productive and fulfilled. If you need support, our wellbeing workshops can help give your team the mindful tools they need to find clarity, energy and resilience at work and in life.

This article first appeared on Kochie’s Business Builders, read the original here.

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