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How to calm your mind after a busy day

- October 27, 2020 2 MIN READ

Interruptions. Problems. Too. Many. Tasks. Do you sometimes (or perhaps a lot of the time) have days where you feel like you’ve done so much and experienced so many emotions it feels like a week’s worth? When you’re in that state, rest and recovery are so important. Here are some ideas to help you calm your mind after a mad day.

Connect with the natural world

Even in a small way if you’re short on time. Maybe you could sit in your garden under a favourite tree or relax in a park. You could go for a mindful walk and listen to birdsong, smell the flowers and notice the blossoms and butterflies. You might like to enjoy the hues and mood of a ‘dusk walk’ – or appreciate the sunset from a good spot. Or perhaps take a moment in the evening to gaze at the moon and stars. 

Use the 2 P’s

Pen + Paper. If you have lots to do the next day, pick up a pen and some paper (use the nice stuff if you have it 😉 Jotting down the most important tasks to be done can help you feel calmer and clearer. If you’re feeling difficult emotions like anger or confusion, journalling is a good way to release stress as well as gain self-awareness. 

Refresh yourself with water 

Drinking water is a key way to support your overall health. Enjoy still water in a beautiful glass; have some sparkling water with lime; or appreciate the warmth of a herbal tea. And the feeling of water on your body is a lovely way to wash away the day and help clear your mind. Whether you have a shower, soak in the bath, splash in a pool or jump in the ocean, savour your time in water. 

Enjoy physical touch

Physical touch can be so soothing and is a chance to connect with loved ones. Whether it’s your partner, child or pet, initiate and enjoy a cuddle to remind yourself of the bigger picture of your life. Give yourself a head massage or apply a body cream to relax and connect with your body.

Be entertained

TV doesn’t have to consume your evening – some Netflix comedies are 22 minutes! As an evening treat, choose a show you love and let yourself laugh loudly or be transported to another world or time. If reading is a passion, get comfy and quiet with a great book. (An audiobook might be just what you need.) And of course, music can uplift or soothe you in seconds… Pop on the perfect sounds to support you.

Meditate, your way

If you’ve never meditated before, why not give it a try? One idea is to use a guided app like Headspace or Calm – and choose a meditation length and style to suit you. Or you could just sit in a quiet spot at home for five minutes and simply close your eyes, be still and focus on your breath. Mindful yoga poses are another good way to help quiet your mind. 

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