I’m not just a ‘farmers wife’, I’m his business partner

- November 20, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

We both support one another’s businesses whole heartedly. So some days I’m in the chaser bin and other days I’m dropping my son in the header so I can get some work done. And the mutual support of one another is what matters.

I like to refer to farming as my side hustle. It’s not my main gig. It’s not something I do 24/7. It’s definitely a huge part of my life. But to call myself a farmer is a stretch.

I know women play a huge role in farms. I think the movement to recognise such efforts is incredible and wonderful and gets all the gold stars. And women are SO important on farms.

But I struggle to call myself a farmer… I don’t even have work boots. I like to wear dresses in the header at harvest time. I’m more likely parked in the corner of the paddock that has good service so I can email, text, gram or make calls. And guaranteed I’m wearing sandals/thongs/flip flops. Sure when it comes to the business side of the farm I’m all ears. .

I just thought y’all should know. I’m struggling to call myself anything other than an entrepreneur with a farming side gig. I hope y’all can accept it- or help me come up with a better term 😂

Also this was hard to write, and probably slightly controversial. So be nice please.

This post was written by Tori Kopke, founder of 20/20 Marketing Solutions and co-founder of Big Ideas Rural, on Instagram and republished here with permission. 

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