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Small steps, huge changes. What’s your next move?

- December 7, 2017 2 MIN READ

My youngest son is just about to walk; as each day brings him closer it’s a very literal reminder that even the biggest challenges of life, and business, start with one small step. Let’s look at little tips that can bring big changes.

This week’s must-do

Productivity powerhouses like Kelly Exeter swear by writing a prioritised to-do list the night before – a 10-minute discipline that can save hours. Make the decision to tackle that awkward conversation today with this revelatory six-word formula. Or simply decide, like Kate Toon did, to stop being scruffy and embrace the marriage-saving and business-boosting power of Facebook Live.

As Kate writes: “Using Facebook Live to talk about your business and share your knowledge draws people in. You’re no longer just a bunch of words on the page. You’re now a real person, which means they’re more likely to trust (and ultimately buy from) you.”

Escape fantasies

“I dream of driving into the wide blue yonder, far away from mobile coverage and all those incessant pings on my phone. But would that really work? I outsourced the map reading part of my brain to Google years ago. I would probably end up just going around and around in some never-ending loop of toll roads.”

Inside the mysterious mind of Flying Solo contributor, Jamie Watson.

Lovely new members. Thanks!

A festive welcome this week to our newest member Tween to Teen Australia and also a big shoutout to Trade RiskFreom Pty LtdElite Business Services GC and Caitlin Mowbray. We are also glad to have Arpec ServicesAkodaLauren Benedetti and Faull HR back for another year. It’s so lovely to have you all as part of the community and we appreciate your support!

Member Spotlight

Ross Forrester, from Westcourt Family Business Accountants, started his own accountancy firm at just 25. He’s also a clandestine yoga teacher, who can’t abide small talk; and is most proud of the positive changes he brings to his client’s lives and the people they employ. Meet Ross.

Thinking of outsourcing offshore?

Here’s a word of warning from our very wise small business legal eagle Vanessa Emilio. “Many website developers give you a discounted deal but in the fine print tell you that your website must remain hosted by them and can never go to another provider. Make sure you can terminate the contract.” Avoid the 5 pitfalls.

Podcast: quieting anxiety

Tom Cronin was anxious, sleepless and sinking into depression, he knew he had to change. A decade on, he’s transformed his approach to life and work and as he tells Robert in this podcast episode, his solo business now assists others.

Now’s the time to plan for peaks

“Use the downtime to plan for the peaks,” writes contributor Faye Ferris. “Accounting, marketing, sales pipelines – get them streamlined and efficient so you can maximise the good times.”

Security tip

Are security warnings like HTTPS and SSL scaring away your potential customers? Contributor Nicholas Sheehan tells you how to make sure your business is up to scratch.


“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl

Via Flying Solo columnist Andrew Griffiths.

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