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The scariest things small business owners have been asked

- October 31, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

It’s Halloween. Spooky, right? But not half as spooky as the stuff clients ask our Flying Solo community of small business owners on the regular.

Sure, skeletons and witches without heads are scary enough.

Ditto, Frankenstein and cobwebs and broomsticks and haunted houses.

Yet nothing comes close the scary stuff clients ask of our Flying Solo community in real life conversations.

Turns out when you run a small business, some clients feel like they can ask anything of you. 

No budget? No problem. 

Real time data and reporting for your project? Don’t be ridiculous! We’d just like to fudge the results, thanks. 

And expecting payment for goods received? Well that’s a mere formality! No money really needs to exchange hands. 

Here are 4 of the scariest things our Flying Solo community have been asked by their clients, what would you add to the list? 

1.Why have to start email, cant we just keep the fax?

2. “Can’t we just fake the numbers?”.

3. Can I have a free PT session to figure out if I like it?

4. Can I pick up what you’ve done for me and pay you online when I get home? 😱