VIDEO: How to have tough conversations with your partner about your business

Approximately 60% of sole traders turn to their life partner when things get tough in business. But knowing how to manage those conversations can be tricky when you're feeling stressed. Sophi Bruce of The School of Life shares her tips for making those tricky conversations much easier.


Sophi Bruce is a social researcher and lecturer at The School of Life in Sydney. The School of Life is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to have better relationships and make better life decisions.

In this video she shares her tips for helping you have the tough conversations with your partner when it comes to talking about problems in your business.

Sophi covers:

  1. What to ‘say’ to your partner when you’re the one supporting the sole trader
  2. Easy conversation starters when you know you need to talk about problems that may impact the whole family
  3. How to ask for space/time and understanding when you feel pressured
  4. How to swap ‘hats’ between partner/business advisor/friend


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Lucy Kippist

is an experienced Australian editor with experience in writing, podcasting radio and television, with previous senior editorial roles at News Corp news.com.au, Kidspot and Kinderling Kids Radio. In her current role as editor of Flying Solo, Australia's #1 website for solo business owners she is pursuing her passion for women in the small business space. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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