Work life balance

How to work when family comes first

- November 30, 2017 2 MIN READ

Family and business go hand in hand when you’re a soloist; but the union isn’t always easy.

This week’s must-read

“For the business to succeed my family had to be integral to everything that I did. I also had to change the way I worked,” writes columnist and father of four (including one-year-old twins), Matthew White.

“No longer could I keep my work life and private life separate.” Matthew’s description of how he handles the often competing demands is well worth a read.

Soloist Life

“At the risk of massive wankery, success surprised me. Some days I think struggle or mediocrity would be easier. Poor little me. I just didn’t know the demand that existed in the field, and that I could build a business…I’ve worked hard to build the skills that have made my business a success. I trust what I know, and I’m a lifelong learner.”

This cracking quote was extracted from our 15 minutes with Flying Solo columnist Amanda Vanelderen

New and renewing members…

This week we welcome new members Annalisa Brimo and Phillip Kennedy to the Flying Solo community. Renewing for another year the fabulous Rent An Office and Australian College of Teacher Aides and Childcare Pty Ltd.

From the forums

“There are too many chiefs. What should I do?” asks @Driving the blues of tensions between Partner A (a friend) and Partner B (her hubby). Nelle Baird supplies an answer: “Being confrontational is unlikely to solve this problem… Start the conversation with a clear list of what needs to be done and ask Partner A. You might be surprised at what they contribute to solving this problem… tell hubby to offer support and care not add to your load.”

Productivity Tip

Spring into the new year by making the most of January, writes Jayne Tancred. “Find out which of your clients will be working during the holidays and whether there’s anything you can do to help them get a jump start on their agenda for the year.”


CEO of Hatching Lab and Co-founder of the Poppy Renegade movement, Christie Whitehill started Tech Ready Women to improve the success rate of female startups. In this podcast she gives Robert an overview of some key startup challenges and their solution.

Tech Tip

Protect your wireless network and be wary of public wifi, writes contributor James Mawson. “Use your mobile data … but if you have no choice install https everywhere extension to your browser. This isn’t a complete fix, but it will encrypt internet traffic, so the bad guys can’t make sense of anything if they’re eavesdropping.”


We just do not know what we do not know, broadening our horizons are positive steps to be learned … Ancora Imparo (“I am still learning”)

Via Flying Solo forum member, Huey Liew


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