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25 ways to increase your energy levels

If you're suffering from procrastination, or just a growing sense of frustration (even though the precise reason may elude you), it could be time to stir things up a bit and increase your energy levels.


Sound familiar? Well here are some tried and trusted ways to get moving again.

My recommendation is to commit to half a dozen of the following in the next week, and stand back as your latent ambivalence goes into a tailspin:

  1. Ban TV for a week.
  2. Get a new haircut.
  3. Try out a new café.
  4. Listen to new music.
  5. Burn some oils while you work.
  6. Use an alternative route for routine journeys.
  7. Turn your email off for 24 hours. Yes you can!
  8. Rearrange your workspace.
  9. Go for three 20 min walks.
  10. Buy flowers for yourself.
  11. Smile nicely at three new people a day.
  12. Ask more questions.
  13. Cook something radical.
  14. Read a book on an unusual topic.
  15. Do the one thing you’ve been avoiding.
  16. Fix two things around the house.
  17. Change your screensaver.
  18. Fill a box with junk.
  19. Give one hour’s income to charity.
  20. Rebuild a broken bridge.
  21. Laugh out loud. Without scaring anyone.
  22. Try a new fashion look.
  23. Watch a movie you’d normally avoid.
  24. Enrol in something.
  25. In one day, use two different forms of public transport.

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So which ones are your prepared to commit to? Perhaps you have some ideas of your own. Either way, spill the beans and post a comment below and let’s see if we can give procrastination a bit of a shake up!

Robert Gerrish

is the founder of Flying Solo and helps soloists stay upbeat and energised. He’s recently published The 1-Minute Commute, is a presenter and facilitator and works one-on-one with those needing a refresh. Find out more about his skills and services and his Olympus Trip 35 camera side hustle or connect on LinkedIn.


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