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Get motivated: Seven tips to boost morale

- June 12, 2006 2 MIN READ

As a soloist, it’s normal to have the odd day where you aren’t feeling motivated. The phone doesn’t ring, the diary is uncomfortably blank and the bank account looks bleak. Try these seven tips to boast morale and get motivated.

1. Make some cold calls

Perish the thought you say? Picking up the phone is a really frightening prospect to a lot of people. And to some people it makes root canal work look quite appealing.

But let’s be logical for a minute; all you are doing is looking for people who could benefit from your help. After all, there are people out there suffering because you haven’t offered them any help yet. So figure out how you can help and get on with it.

2. Have a critical look at your website

Does it talk about you in your terms or in the terms of your target market ? Is it optimised for search results? This exercise alone will not only make you busy, it will help you get thinking, get active and get motivated as you reinforce why you’re a soloist.

3. Write an article

You’ll be so busy thinking of what to say to the audience you are targeting, you won’t have time to feel down. When you start approaching people as potential publishers, you’re proactively cold calling!

4. Put the radio or some music on

A lot of people like listening to the radio whilst working as it gives them someone else in the room to listen to. It doesn’t work for me whilst I’m trying to work, but I love having music on in the background whilst working and listen to CD’s a lot. If either of these work for you and booste morale, go for it !

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5. Do some market research

Go through the phone book and call some businesses similar to those you have already worked with and ask if they have similar needs. Or if this sounds too much like cold calling, what about industry associations? What about asking your Local Chamber of Commerce if they have any members who have been asking about the services you can provide?

6. Offer to help someone else

Are there any fellow soloists who might also be feeling down and need to boost morale? Maybe a mutual brainstorming session is the perfect solution.

The enemy of loneliness is activity and when you’re a soloist, the activity you undertake should be in the form of building your business.

7. Take a break

Sometimes, we have to accept that even soloists are humans and a good laugh can make all the difference. Go to the movies on a Tuesday – it’s tightwads day! Or play your favourite sport; sit down next to an old person in the park and start a conversation; go for a walk.

After an activity like this you’re bound to feel better. You’ll return to your desk and be ready to let the world know you’ve been taking a breather but now your back..and how!