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Celebrating Christmas solo

Celebrations are an important part of life, but are there ways of enjoying the festive season if there's only you in the office? Absolutely!


Recently I marked my third birthday in business. However, for the first two years I ran my business part-time and worked three days a week in a corporate environment. For the past two years I had the best of both worlds at Christmas: the freedom and flexibility of a soloist and the indulgence of corporate Christmas parties.

This year I have the best of one world, my world as a full-time soloist.

So how does a soloist celebrate Christmas?

I can see it would be tempting to let Christmas pass me by. There is me, myself, and I in my office. Most of my clients are interstate or overseas. It is tempting to say “It’s all too hard.”

Yet my love of a good celebration inspires me to create a way to make Christmas a special event in my business.

"Perhaps I could … hang tinsel in my office for me, myself, and I and play Christmas Carols every Friday afternoon in December (singing along optional)"

Perhaps I could …

  • Have a Soloists’ Picnic with others I know in my city. An entire afternoon, in a stunning location, with yummy food and several bottles of champagne.
  • Create a virtual celebration with clients. Create a blog or webpage where they can share the wonderful outcomes of their year.
  • Host Christmas drinks for people I have connected with via my business this year, like suppliers, people I have met at networking events and local clients.
  • Create a fun Christmas parcel to send to clients
  • Hang tinsel in my office for me, myself, and I and play Christmas Carols every Friday afternoon in December (singing along optional)

Celebration is an important part of life. It is a chance to reflect and enjoy what has been achieved and what you are grateful for. Celebrations can be big or small – what is most important is that you actively participate.

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I haven’t decided yet how I will choose to celebrate Christmas, however, I have decided to celebrate.

How will you celebrate Christmas as a soloist?


Linda Anderson

is a Certified Professional Coach dedicated to helping people live bold and rewarding lives. Linda has an energetic and direct style of coaching which suits people who like to be challenged.


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