10 things you need to know about LinkedIn company pages

- January 19, 2021 5 MIN READ

If you’re planning to increase your organisation’s presence on LinkedIn and improve your LinkedIn company page strategy, here are the 10 things you need to know, writes Karen Hollenbach.

The LinkedIn company page experience continues to improve, moving far beyond being just the way you get your company’s logo on the experience section of your team’s LinkedIn Profiles.  It’s where you can keep your employees, clients and potential clients informed and it’s where you can create your LinkedIn ad campaigns.

1. A LinkedIn Company Page is Free

If you wish to create a LinkedIn company page it is a free feature for LinkedIn members. You don’t need to have a premium account but you do need to meet a few conditions.

2. You May Need to Claim Your LinkedIn Company Page

When you first create your company page, you may be surprised to find it already exists on LinkedIn. This is because LinkedIn creates Listing Pages when people complete their Experience in their profile and list the organisation’s name.  All Listing Pages have a banner indicating that it was created by LinkedIn.

You can claim the page if you’re eligible to become an Admin. To be eligible you need to have it listed in your profile work, education, or volunteer experience.

3. LinkedIn Company Pages Can Not Follow other Company Pages

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is yet to provide LinkedIn admins with the option to follow other companies. If you are the Admin your organisation’s LinkedIn company page, I recommend you follow the relevant companies via your LinkedIn profile and use the save function for posts you wish to re-share via the LinkedIn company page.

4. LinkedIn Company Pages Can Not Join Groups

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is yet to provide LinkedIn admins with the option to join groups. Remember, LinkedIn is at its heart a professional networking platform, so membership of groups should be for individuals, and an effective organisational LinkedIn marketing strategy requires active involvement of the leaders of your business. Research relevant groups for your industry and client communities to determine the value of being part of LinkedIn groups.

Here’s more from LinkedIn Help about how to find and join a LinkedIn group, via your LinkedIn profile.

5. LinkedIn Company Pages Can Like Certain Posts

There are a few opportunities for your LinkedIn company page to like and comment on posts. The first is to view your activity when in admin view on your company page. This can be done from the desktop and your phone.  You can like comments and respond to any comments made on your company page updates or made where your company page has been mentioned.

If you’ve chosen 3 community hashtags the admins of your page may also be prompted in your LinkedIn Profile notifications to comment on a trending post for that hashtag as your company page.

6. LinkedIn Company Page Notifications are Hard to Locate

Apart from the trending hashtag prompt mentioned in the previous point, you don’t currently get your company page notifications in your LinkedIn profile notifications.  Hopefully this will change.

The company page notifications are viewed when you are in the Admin view of your company page  from your desktop or phone. Click into activity and you’ll be able to see the comments, mentions, shares and reactions to your company page posts.

7. You Can Invite Connections to Follow Your Company Page

Once you’ve optimised your LinkedIn company page and developed a company page follower strategy, which includes a promise to potential followers of what they can expect to stay informed about from following your updates, then you’re ready to invite your connections to follow your company page.

 Here’s more from LinkedIn Help about this feature. 

8. You Can See Who Follows Your Company Page

You can see who follows your LinkedIn company page when you’re in the admin view. Click on Analytics, then Followers and scroll down to view your new followers. I like to check new followers at the end of each month, and invite any 2nd or 3rd degree connections to connect, with a personalised note thanking them for following our page.

9. You Can Pin a Post to Your Company Page Updates

You can pin an update from your company page so it’s the first post new visitors to the page see. I recommend either a welcome video or an impactful visual with a link encouraging sign up to you a relevant opt-in and our email newsletter.

To pin a post, go to the updates section (when in admin view), locate the correct update and click the More icon and select Pin to top from the dropdown. You’ll see Pinned in the upper right corner of the update. The update will move to the top of the Updates and Recent updates section (member view) of your Linkedin Company Page.

10. Notify Employees of New Company Page Updates

As a LinkedIn page admin, you can let your employees know when you’ve posted an important update on your LinkedIn company page using Employee Notifications. Employees are members who’ve listed your organisation’s page in the Work Experience section of their profile.

Employees will be notified via desktop and mobile that your organisation has shared an update with them through their notification updates. Notifications may take several hours to be processed and delivered to your employees.  You can use this feature once every 24 hours.

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