10+ ways to get at least one more customer this month (without spending a fortune!)

- November 9, 2020 2 MIN READ

Would you like to know, how to get one more client this month (without spending a fortune on advertising?) It’s not as difficult as you might think! As we race towards the end of the year, I constantly hear women in business say, “if I could just get one more client this month…”

They tell me that their work fluctuates between being in a long drought, to a sudden and raging storm. Not only is this an exhausting and stressful way to live and work – it’s terrible for cash flow.

From my experience the most successful business owners are calm and keen to serve.  They are also, well connected, respected and focused.

If you’re looking to grow your business and get at least one more client this month, then it’s time to take action.

Here are 17 simple and cost effective ways to get started.

Tick off one of these ideas each day and you’re guaranteed to get more than one new client this month.

  • Fill yourself with joy, so you are a pleasure to work with
  • Create a morning ritual that sets you up for success mentally, physically & spiritually
  • Seek to serve.  When you help others grow, you too will succeed
  • Go to a networking event and get to know at least 3 new people
  • Do a joint venture with a partner business
  • Speak/Present for free at a conference
  • If your business is local, add a leaflet in the local newspaper drop
  • Organise a free online webinar, educate your audience and then give a special offer
  • Join a Meetup group where your ideal customers are members
  • Give valuable advice in FB groups where your ideal clients hang out
  • Boost an Ad on FB for only $5 day – offering a Free Strategy call
  • Use Twitter Search to find real-time tweets from people that need your help
  • Send an email to your whole database offering a surprise gift to the first 3 that respond
  • Phone previous customers to see if they need a top-up of your service or product
  • Ask them for testimonials
  • Ask them for referrals

If you’d like some help in finding new clients this month, book in a free call with me and we can work out your plan of action, click here 

This post was written by Anne McKeown and republished here with permission. 

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