4 hard truths about sales

Last week in my training, I shared some hard truths about sales.


– If you don’t know what you’re selling. No one else knows what you’re selling either. They’re definitely not going to buy.

– If you don’t have a crystal clear sales process. Your customer won’t know what to do next. Not going to buy.

– If you can’t articulate the value in what you are selling. You won’t be able to sell it. 

– If you don’t talk about the “thing” you are selling and have a crap visibility strategy- no one is going to buy it.

– If you hate selling. It won’t sell.

One of the biggest things holding so many people back is themselves.

It’s easy to make excuses, and it is hard to do the work to transform into a selling machine.

So if you are cringing when someone says how much does it cost? You need to fix that.

Because it is you that is the problem.

You need that infallible confidence that whatever you are selling is worth every penny.

Ya’ll Tiffany sells a paper clip for $320 as a bookmark. 

A paper clip.

And people buy it.

Tori Kopke

is the founder of 20/20 Marketing Solutions and co-founder of Big Ideas Rural. Connect with her on LinkedIn.


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