6 things your professional business headshot says about you

- February 13, 2018 3 MIN READ

What do you think of when business headshots come to mind? You might visualize uncomfortable photo shoots with a stranger in a stuffy room or, perhaps, a very pleasant experience with a local photographer. Regardless of what you imagine, the result of these experiences determines the impact your headshot will have on others; a seemingly insignificant step forward, after all, can change your life.

Headshots, like any portrait, heavily depend on the photographer. When it comes to photo shoots of any sort, developing a great relationship with the photographer will make your experience more enjoyable. However, there are methods with which you can affect the outcome of your portraits without having to fully depend on your photographer’s skills.

These, although subtle, are highly effective ways that allow you to authentically express yourself without looking tense. Your ability to look approachable, combined with the skills of a professional photographer, will result in incredibly appealing headshots.

In this article, I’ll talk about the six things that your business headshot says about you. If you keep these tips in mind during your next photo shoot, you’ll get results that will make you proud.

1. Tidiness

Ironed clothes, a plain outfit, and a neat hairstyle all reflect your level of tidiness. They also tell others that you took the time to pick out visually appealing clothes and put effort into making yourself look neat, something that’s highly valued in any industry.

As a business owner, your ability to take care of yourself will increase your own self-confidence and other people’s confidence in you. Confidence, in turn, will come in handy when you communicate and collaborate with other businesses.

2. Care

A neat outfit isn’t the only part of your headshot that clients notice. Your face stands out in its own unique ways, creating the most important overall impression. If you look too shiny, people might think you felt uncomfortable during your photo shoot.

If your makeup is slightly smudged, you might appear tired and unprepared for work. Neutral makeup, a glowing face, and an authentic expression tell clients how much you care about both yourself and the impression you give.

3. Passion

The very fact that you want to look approachable means you value your skills and want to use them in the best ways possible. Caring about a good impression might make you feel like a people pleaser. Regardless of any doubts you may have, caring says nothing about flattery and everything about your passion.

Think about this: you spent time, energy, and money to get professional headshots instead of posting a random photography of yourself. That means you’re determined to find yourself some great connections, eager to collaborate with other entrepreneurs, and motivated to work as efficiently as you can. All of these desires will be evident in your headshot. Go you!

4. Friendliness

Being approachable is important when it comes to your chances of finding loyal collaborators. If you appear to be stiff and uncomfortable in your headshot, you might look intimidating. An authentic smile and a friendly expression are preferred when it comes to headshots of any kind.

If you’re genuinely smiling in your headshots, you’re far more likely to get noticed by other people. After all, a friendly business owner who’s a calm problem solver is exactly what other professionals seek.

5. Confidence

Google a few headshots and notice the ones that really stand out to you. Pay attention to how the subjects are sitting or standing. A straight back, relaxed shoulders, and a slight angle all give out an air of confidence.

Looking straight into the camera with tense shoulders will result in unappealing portraits while looking sideways into the lens will make it seem like you’re in the middle of a friendly conversation. A subtle shift in weight can make a world of difference to an interested client.

6. Authenticity

Your expression in your headshot says more about you than anything else will. If it’s authentic, it will stand out. It might seem unfair, especially if you’re not always aware of how you look when you’re focused. However, mastering the art of expressions will make this seemingly frightening task very easy. If you look like you’re daydreaming, people will assume that you’re not efficient at focusing. If on the other hand, you look determined and ready to get through a challenge, clients will feel relaxed and be more open to working with you.

Confidence, tidiness, and authenticity have the power to help you find valuable clients and great opportunities. Dedicating a few hours of your time to a single photo shoot will strengthen your reputation and increase your chances of becoming even more successful.