“Translate your values into trade”: Ros Weadman on building a trustworthy brand

- October 25, 2022 4 MIN READ

Ros Weadman is a communication and brand specialist with decades of experience. She has worked with numerous businesses of all sizes to implement actionable steps to enhance their reputation.

Joining Cec Busby, editor of Flying Solo, the communication guru explores how you can build a successful brand that people can trust and why consumer expectations have changed so drastically in recent years. Her new book, Enhance Your Reputation, provides a practical guide to help you build a beloved brand, whether it’s culture, communication, or customer experience.

Why reputation matters now more than ever

It’s been a trying last few years for most industries. Lockdowns, restrictions and periods of isolation forced consumers worldwide to evolve how they seek and invest in goods and services. Across most communication platforms, there is an overflow of information and messaging, with fake and misleading information often garnering the most attention.

“What the research is telling us is that trust is spiralling down consumer buyer patterns, and expectations have changed,” Ros says. “Building a credible and trustworthy brand with a great reputation is critical.”

With so much messaging floating around the consumer market, distrust is fast becoming the societal default emotion, according to Ros.

“That’s a pretty difficult situation for a brand or a business if you’re trying to build credibility and show your customers that you’re trustworthy,” says the reputation expert.

According to Ros, businesses have a real opportunity to underline the importance of the relationship between the employer and their employee. This allows them to tap into the beliefs and values important to staff and consumers alike.

“People are now buying based on their beliefs and values, as well as choosing their workplace or job assignments based on their beliefs and values,” Ros says.

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Cultivating a purpose-driven culture

According to Ros, something that every business owner needs to be really clear about is their purpose. This messaging must be simple and direct, engaging consumers and employees. With so many competing businesses and brands active today, people are more often looking to engage with impact-driven businesses with social responsibility as part of their ethos.

“The quality of information that a business puts out is really quite fundamental,” says Ros. “It’s essential for businesses to align what they think and what they say with what they do and what they give.”

Unifying your brand messaging and values and then infusing those into your marketing is the most effective way to truly engage your target audience.

“One of the great ways of [marketing] is developing a brand manifesto,” Ros says.

Ros recommends three main strategies for any business looking to position its brand powerfully. First, she notes the importance of understanding what you stand for and having the ability to communicate these values. Secondly, a successful brand must understand the problem they solve for its target audience. Lastly, brands, whether big or small, need to align their language with their identity and image. According to Ros, being consistent with this kind of brand messaging will make any business stand out to the consumer.

“You don’t have to be a big brand to be purpose-driven,” Ros says. “I know many small businesses doing wonderful things in their local communities and making a big difference.”

Enhancing your relationships from within

According to Ros, seeking new relationships and growing your consumer base is not always the best way to improve your reputation.

“Empower your people to be brand ambassadors for you to help build a reputation,” Ros says.

Unifying the entire team with your brand’s messaging creates engagement and appreciation for their contributions. Ros believes boosting team morale and connection is the most efficient way to boost productivity.

“All those people that work for you provide an opportunity for you to have them reaching out and speaking on behalf of your brand,” Ros says, on the simple, yet effective power of word-of-mouth.

In today’s complicated and crowded marketplace, cutting through to consumers is challenging for business owners in every industry. Ros’ advice of being intentional with language also extends to social media, one of the most powerful communication networks these days.

“Don’t spread yourself too thin,” Ros says. “Be on platforms where the people you want to connect with you and hang out.”

The reputation guru suggests more intentional targeting of consumers is more effective in the long term for any brand. She uses her social presence wisely, building a sense of familiarity and routine with her followers.

“I try to post on my socials at the same time, on the same days each week, so that the people who are following me get that familiarity and know whene I’m gonna show up,” Ros says.

Ros’ newest book explores in greater detail how to build a brand people want to work for, buy from, and invest in. She offers lots of practical tips on how you can align your brand with your values and business goals.

Enhance Your Reputation is available now from her website and most major online retailers.

Ros Weadman on the Flying Solo podcast

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